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2013 Christmas card roundup

I am linking up to walk with me by faith annual Christmas Card Carousel.

It’s always amazing to me to look back at the Christmas cards each year to see how much we have changed over the years. This year our card I must admit was very basic. I always try to do something a little extra, but with the holidays and everything else going on with my family, it became just “take a picture and lets roll”.



Just for a little comparison















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Miscellaneous Monday

Its been a beautiful, rainy  (hint of sarcasm) frigid day in the lovely MS today. I thought well since my sweet little girl was taking a nap, Ill actually post a totally random post.

1. I may regret this, but this little girl has been rocking naps lately. She went through a phase of not wanting to take a nap and was an absolute grouch, but lately she has been catching up on sleep and so has mommy and daddy. Her all time record yesterday was 4 hours and 20 minutes and mommy and daddy joined her for 2 of those hours. Bliss, heavenly! I am not sure how long it will last but Ill take advantage of it while it last!

2. She has now mastered her alphabet and everywhere we go, she wants to tell us what the letters are. These flash cards have been awesome and she loves to go over them.
3.  She has become VERY independent. Some things of that are good (like putting together puzzles, etc) and some have been challenging (when she does not want you to help do a single thing). We are learning through trials. Overall though, I am loving her independence and seeing her personality just blossom!

she mastered putting together this 48 piece all by herself

4. We went to Disney on Ice this year with her BFF and they had so much fun. All she keeps asking me though is when we are going back.
5. We have some pretty big news coming soon (yes I am just mean like that). I really can not wait to announce. No I am not pregnant for all the curious people.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Trick or Treating 2013

Well its only been a little over 2 months since I posted so I thought, I should go ahead and do a little blog post before it gets even further along-haha!

This year was a little different in the aspect of it was supposed to rain on October 31 for Halloween, so it seemed like no one knew which day to have it on if it happened. Our neighborhood had it on Wednesday night (we had church), and then some still did Thursday and then other nearby cities did it on Friday. Well we chose to do trick or treating Friday night with Morgans best friend and many others. Here are just a few photos from their fun night. If you can not tell, Morgan is the silly Cinderella. Her best bud is Scooby Doo.

these girls had fun running and running a little more

the fun hayride

getting their dose of too much candy!

my sweet Cinderella

run, run Cinderella

what piece is the best?!






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Five on Friday {7.26}

I decided to link up again with the 5 on Friday. Kind of a fun way to do a post of randomness that makes you remember a few things from the week.


Morgan has rocked her new school and going back. She has one little girl in the class that she knows and another one who is in the other 3 year old class that went to her old school. I am really proud of her and she has not cried one little bit. Now getting her up in the morning has been a fun task since she does not want to go to bed at night.

Anyone ever heard of the Clam Case for the iPad? I had never heard of it either but it looks so neat and I get to have one for my new school and the kids get one (I get 20 student iPads for my classroom) as well. Some people that seem to use this say you learn to do without a laptop with it. We will see if that day comes or not.


Morgan got some “Tinkerbell wings” as she would call them and has had so much fun. Of course, she thinks that she literally can fly and Chad has been putting her on her shoulders to pretend. I love her little mind and how she pretends and sometimes I realize that I need to do a better job of helping her to realize that pretending a little bit is good for you.


Every year right before I head back to school I get a huge dose of my hair chopped off. Yep, every year same time. Well today is the day and I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do with it and how much I am getting chopped off. Time to go get some pictures to figure it out!

This week I have been at a conference with my new school. I am trying to sort through all the Apps that I got told about today that I had no idea about. Isn’t it amazing how even as a technology teacher, I still don’t know about many of the apps.

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Commenting Challenge-Pinterest!

Todays Topic:

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Share a project or recipe you’ve found and completed, your favorite pins or if you aren’t a pinner, share a favorite tip with us (cleaning tip, cooking tip etc).
So today’s topic I seem to have a slight obsession with. By slight obsession, I mean I have pinned over 20,000 pins! Now most of these pins did come when it first came out and I actually had time to do things all the time, but now its when I have a few spare moments or so. If I had to only have one type of social media, it would definitely BY FAR be Pinterest! You can follow me here with the other 3,300 followers (not sure how I ever got that many?!)
I have linked up a few other posts from a while back from projects I hoped to accomplish, but to be honest there are only a few we seem to actually do. Lately, I have been pinning in a few different areas: photography & Photoshop (since I will be teaching it), toddler/preschool activities for Morgan, food (yes I have many, many boards on it), home decor, and well any other random odds and ends that get pinned in the mean time. I must admit that I am terrible at pinning things and never doing a single thing with them (yes I need to get better).
One thing we did for Morgans birthday was rice krispy paint brushes (except with yellow/purple)
We made these little sandwiches for her party and I have since made them many other times (delicious, quick and easy!)
Thats my short little spill on the greatest website ever-PINTEREST!


4th Annual Commenting Challenge DAY TWO!!

Todays Topic:
What’s your favorite TV show/series/reality show? If you don’t watch TV, what about a favorite movie or book series?

Well I must admit that I honestly do not watch much TV because I just do not have the time. When I do get the spare moment to watch TV (very rare) I love anything on Food Network or HGTV. If I had absolutely nothing to do, then I could watch both of these just about all day. Love, love both networks. Other than those, the only show I ever watched on a regular basis was 24 and of course I can not forget the Office.