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Summer Time Fun

Yes, I do realize it has only been ALMOST 7 months since I even made a blog post. I must admit that I do kind of miss it and realize that for the most part that anyone that was reading, probably does not anymore and that is quite alright. I sure would not blame you one bit after a 7 month hiatus for sure.

One of these days I am going to do a full recap from our Trip to Disney World in March and even Morgans birthday (my baby really is 4). Until then, a few summer photos.


Ariel Goggles are a must when you are learning to use the goggles


we spend many moments with her bestie!

learning how to ride her bike.

she loves to sing as long as we are outside and it must be to some Frozen or Sofia song.

most of our time is spent in the water. Lets face it, MS is HOT!

my sweet precious little girl


I’ll try to make sure that its not another 7 months before I post again 🙂


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Summertime in the South {part 1}

While being in Mississippi, we experience the summer to an entirely different level which sometimes means we can go outside while other days are in water or inside. So far, we have only had a few of those days that were blistering hot. I am enjoying my time with my little girl and some days are spent at school and others doing something fun (or at least attempting it!). Some days I say I am going to bring her to school and then that morning will come and she just gives me a big hug and says “I stay with my mommy pwease”. How can you really tell her no?

She does love her school but some days she just needs her mommy. Since I am able to stay home in the summer with her, I give in probably a little too much.

A few of the photos from fun stuff we have been doing this summer

getting yogurt in our princess dress

slip and slide (or attempting it)

refusing to take a picture for mommy (why of course!)

being silly with mommy

play doh in our Snow White dress

a few trips to Barnes and Noble


storytime at the library (that includes a craft)

a trip to the grocery store in her princess outfit because she had no nap and mommy had to go get a few items. At least it had been raining earlier.

playing with Uncle BJ. She took all our orders.



discovering Chef Boyardee “ABC 123” and “gumballs” as she refers to them.

Summer time fun to be continued!


Summer Bucket List {50 things}

Well on Friday, I posted about the summer bucket list and decided that bucket list was a little small. I found another one that I really liked and decided that 50 items was much more like it. Now I must admit I hope to get everything on this list completed, but it might take a little longer than school starting. Some items we actually already have completed, but many we will be hoping to get accomplished before school starts in August! So many fun things to do with my little girl and Chad.

For anyone who saw the list on Friday, it has everything on it but many more additions. I cant wait to get started checking things off our bucket list. Im just one of those crazy people that has to have a check list or it wont get done.

Original bucket list came from here. There are many items I did not use due to Morgans age, but hopefully one day I can add to it.

If anyone wants a PDF printable of this list please leave a comment with your email address and Ill be happy to email you one.

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Summer Bucket List

Lately I’ve been trying to come up with a huge list of things to do with Morgan before I head back to school in August. It seems like I have a huge list but this is just a few things. I got the original idea from this blog. You can download a printable or do your own as I have. This is just a few of the many things I hope to accomplish by the end of the summer just with Morgan!

If you are still looking for tons of additional ideas for the summer-I have tons of ideas saved to my summer pinboard.