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Christmas 2013 {picture overload}

This Christmas we first started out in the great state of Alabama since that is where all of Chad’s family lives.  I always love our nice little Christmas break because it gives us a chance to spend with both of our families.

sweet cousin love

her sweet cousin got her Jasmine dress and matching shoes (which is the only thing she asked Santa for)

she also got a princess castle from her other cousins (which she loved it and to play in it with her cousins)

she even got Collin in the tent to play with her.

When we got back from Alabama, it was almost time for Christmas. We had to say goodbye to Snowflake (which she loved this year!). Mommy was kind of glad to see Snowflake head home with Santa so she did not get to be moved-haha!

her sweet cousins helped her to build her gingerbread house, but it turned in a big mess (with lots of laughs of course)

it was not pretty, but again fun times had by all.

Snowflake headed back home with Santa on Christmas Eve and Morgan had a nice long talk with Snowflake before she left. She told her she was going to miss her. Mommy on the other hand was kind of glad to see her head home so she did not get forgotten about each night.

Christmas morning

Merida was one of her favorite gifts

I remember playing this Fish game as a child, and it was now her time to enjoy the fun with grandma!

she loves her Uncle BJ. We don’t get to see him much since he lives in Nashville.

Me and my two brothers (Austin-left-16) and (BJ-right-26). Amazing that I am now the shortest.

me and my very tired little girl!

my favorite pictures of my princess!

It was definitely a princess Christmas, but such a fun one!










2013 Christmas card roundup

I am linking up to walk with me by faith annual Christmas Card Carousel.

It’s always amazing to me to look back at the Christmas cards each year to see how much we have changed over the years. This year our card I must admit was very basic. I always try to do something a little extra, but with the holidays and everything else going on with my family, it became just “take a picture and lets roll”.



Just for a little comparison














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Christmas in Alabama {part 1}-picture overload

Friday before Christmas after I got off from school (a little later than normal, but thankful for the time after Christmas) we headed up to Chad’s family to spend Christmas with them. Morgan loves to spend time with her cousins and just have fun.

Her favorite gift by far was the all the babies she got that she had to put to sleep each night. Their newness has worn a little down now and she just likes to take them on car trips and undress them {yes my child is queen of undressing all her babies!}

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

click to watch video

she loves to tumble and roll around. Guess we need to get her started on some gymnastics

playing with paw-paw is always fun stuff

silly cousins playing

she got to go over to KK (her cousin) house and play and be silly.

KK has some new little puppies that Morgan just adored! (puppies names are Snickerdoodle and Saban-yes after AL’s coach)

getting a piggy back ride from KK


Morgan, KK, and Aunt Sara. Morgan is always one curious little girl!

she was a pro at unwrapping this year! No help at all.

checking out what KK got for Christmas

chad’s grandmothers reaction to her gift that we gave her (canvas of the 4 grandkids)

one of the many baby dolls she got

Lauren was pretty excited with her Hello Kitty hair dryer we gave her.

KK was pretty happy with her gift as well

setting up the babies

Aunt Cindy had to see if KK would fit in the box (it was all KK’s idea)

Morgan wanted her turn as well to try to fit in since it looked like so much fun.

one of my gifts was the SEC cookbook (that has fabulous recipes by the way). The men were checking it out to see if it passed the test (haha!)

giving a zerbert to Aunt Sara


you can’t go wrong with a little ring around the rosy

she had to try really drinking out of babies little sippy cup she got. It seemed to work perfectly!

good bye hugs to Maw-Maw

bye-bye Paw-Paw

Uncle Tony

KK was last

Morgan was a bit disappointed she didn’t get to ride daddy’s car (aka the 4 wheeler) since it was so cold, but other than that a good time.

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Canton Christmas Lights {Dec. 14-15}

Last year we seemed to miss the Canton Christmas lights by one day {yes ONE!}. Last year we went to go see them on Christmas Eve {seemed like a great idea}, only to find out the last day was December 23. We live about 35 minutes, so it was a bit of a haul out to Canton to see them but my baby needed to see them of course.

Well this year, I was determined that my little girl was going to see the Canton Christmas lights. We had so much fun the first night riding the train, the carousel and well just enjoying our time as a family. We went into the little tourist center to use the bathroom and that’s when I saw what I thought in my mind to be the greatest thing for Morgan. All the Disney characters would be back the next night. I finally convinced my very sweet and loving husband that always seems to go along with my crazy ideas. Yes, we went back the next night to see Minnie of course.

Now, what I didn’t expect is for my little girl to cry her eyes out because she was terrified at the sight of seeing Minnie and all the other weird people with costumes on. She did sit by the people that didn’t have a big head on and I did get a few pictures. My parents went with us the second night and it was a lot of fun after seeing the scary people to go check out the train again. I still can’t get over how much she just LOVED that train!

being silly with daddy waiting in line (1st night)


on cloud 9, getting to ride the train with daddy! (1st night)


big “cheese” smile

big christmas tree with daddy


love, love this two!


big christmas tree behind us

yes, we were a rebel and let our child go behind to see the big candy.


yes, the carousel was a big hit as well!

 (2nd night) yes we did take a photo with Snow White and Pocahontas. She did get to wear her christmas princess crown as well.

my mom held her and this is what happened anytime we got near a person with a big fake head. Tears, tears and lots of them.

Cinderella and Belle.

Mommy and Morgan on the train ride (2nd night)

our night concluded with a final trip on the train with mommy and grandma





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Cookie Exchange {Dec. 12}

This year our annual cookie exchange with our church was on a Wednesday. It was a tough little time to get her there before the start of 4:30 but we were only a few minutes late. Grandma had to help out to get here there on time but I think she did have a great time for sure. Icing, cookies, and sprinkles?! What child would not enjoy that!

We also got to make an ornament as well, but somehow that never got any pictures. It was a great idea, but by the time we got home Morgan had destroyed it somehow. Better luck maybe next year.

After all the fun of decorating a cookie, and then making an ornament we went into the sanctuary and she got to run until her heart was content getting out all her energy.



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Christmas Play {our little star}

Each year since Morgan has been at the daycare she now attends, she has been in the little christmas play. Its a sweet celebration of the birthday of Jesus. The past two years she has been an angel but this year she was a little star. Oh how she hated that little costume and was so ready for me to take it off her the second she saw me after the play. It was so cute, but oh so very uncomfortable. Its sad to say that her school will be closing soon and we will be looking for another home for her. We truly have loved the daycare, but things have happened and its closing. The official date has not been set since at first it was set to close May 2013, then after a big parent meeting it may have been pushed back till the next year possibly.

her teacher getting her all fixed up

her class + her teachers (morgan is all the way on the end on the back row)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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