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Summer Time Fun

Yes, I do realize it has only been ALMOST 7 months since I even made a blog post. I must admit that I do kind of miss it and realize that for the most part that anyone that was reading, probably does not anymore and that is quite alright. I sure would not blame you one bit after a 7 month hiatus for sure.

One of these days I am going to do a full recap from our Trip to Disney World in March and even Morgans birthday (my baby really is 4). Until then, a few summer photos.


Ariel Goggles are a must when you are learning to use the goggles


we spend many moments with her bestie!

learning how to ride her bike.

she loves to sing as long as we are outside and it must be to some Frozen or Sofia song.

most of our time is spent in the water. Lets face it, MS is HOT!

my sweet precious little girl


I’ll try to make sure that its not another 7 months before I post again 🙂