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Disney World–Day 2–Magic Kingdom (PHOTO Overload)

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Day 1 can be found here. It is short and sweet and did not really include much.

Day 2 of Walt Disney World was just as Disney always is imagined, just magical! The weather was beautiful, and we wore everyone out after Day 2. We spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom. We knew this day would be special to Morgan because she was going to meet a lot of princesses.

Where we ate: (QS=Quick Service)
Lunch (QS): Be Our Guest (It counts as a quick service if you go for lunch). We only had to wait about 30 minutes and it was worth the wait!
Dinner (QS): Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (QS). Food was actually pretty good, one of the better QS dining choices.

This day the amount of photos that were taken were only 265 photos. Yes ONLY.

Fast Pass Choices: (You only get 3 FP choices per day). I would recommend all of them. We checked the wait times a while in advance and thats what we went off.
1. Meet Ariel at her Grotto (Fantasyland)
2. Meet Rapunzel and a Visiting Princess (Princess Fairytale Hall)
3. Enchanted Tales with Belle (Fantasyland)

So happy to be at Disney!

Meeting Ariel in her Grotto. This was the most near impossible place to get a good photo. Its underground. She LOVED meeting Ariel.

Ariel in her Grotto

We even rode the carousel (a few times). Nearly no wait (1-2 min max).

eating lunch at Be Our Guest. Worth the wait! We had to get a photo by Beauty and the Beast of course.

This was her face pretty much the entire day. Smiles, smiles and more smiles. She just could not believe you could really go meet the princesses. Rapunzel for anyone that did not know 🙂

Snow White was the visiting princess with Rapunzel.

waiting for Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid with daddy.

Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid. Fun ride and she loved it because we got to ride in little clam shells.

She did not like the typical “mouse ears” so for her souvenir she got a princess Tangled hat which was about the same price. She still wears this little hat.

Enchanted Tales with Belle. Morgan actually got a part and due to her getting a part, she got to meet Belle. This is one of the rare places at Magic Kingdom you can go to see her.


Enchanted Tales with Belle. Morgan actually got a part and due to her getting a part, she got to meet Belle. This is one of the rare places at Magic Kingdom you can go to see her.

Tea cups were lots of fun, but daddy just could not ride because it would make him sick.

She was so excited to get to twirl us around (and boy did she do a good job)

Teacups mean you have to make silly faces with your mom.

Merida only makes special appearances at certain times of the day and we caught her right on time.

After meeting Merida, in the same little area she got to shoot her arrow (just like Merida). I wish I would have taken a video.

Daddy and Morgan went to ride cars and daddy was sweet enough to let her drive.

It was off to Bippity Boppity Boutique. For anyone wondering, you must book your appointment ASAP to get in at Magic Kingdom. Right before she went to sit down she got surprised by her Anna dress. She had been wanting and wanting and we FINALLY found it (I should say daddy found it).

what did these crazy ladies just do to me?!

sprinkling “fairy dust” in her hair. This was probably one of the hardest things to come out. Imagine glitter all in your hair.

this was her, Im Exhausted I neep a nap look.

nails all painted. She sure was not going to move for this part. She LOVES her nails to be painted. The cool part was we got to take the polish home and we still use it (they give you two colors)

the lady was putting on her princess makeup (its the only time she has gotten makeup on), and the silly girl feel asleep in the chair! Magic Kingdom wore her out and this was only at about 5 pm.

she did wake up quickly and was all smiles

seeing herself for the first time

she did pose just like a sweet princess.

she reached up to touch her hair and just started crying. She wanted everything out (right after we got done with it)

Tiana was about to leave and we caught her right before.

our only family selfie photo on the Aladdin Carpet Rides.

One of Tinkerbell’s friends who she just loved talking to. Also notice by this time, we took out part of her bun from Bippity Boppity Boutique.

Tinkerbell’s friend

Tinkerbell was pretty cool too. They were right next to each other (with NO LINE at the end of the night)

she had to give Tinkerbell a HUGE hug!

Cinderella’s castle at night. BEAUTIFUL!

Nighttime at Magic Kingdom is quite the treat. We brought Morgan some glow necklaces, and bracelets that we got before we went at Party City. MUCH CHEAPER! It is worth it to stay and watch both of them.

9 pm Electrical Water Pageant
10 pm Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Mesmerized by everything.



Video of “Let it go” on Cinderella’s Castle
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Up Soon, Day 3 of our trip to Epcot and to Meet Anna and Elsa.


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