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Christmas in Alabama {part 1}-picture overload

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Friday before Christmas after I got off from school (a little later than normal, but thankful for the time after Christmas) we headed up to Chad’s family to spend Christmas with them. Morgan loves to spend time with her cousins and just have fun.

Her favorite gift by far was the all the babies she got that she had to put to sleep each night. Their newness has worn a little down now and she just likes to take them on car trips and undress them {yes my child is queen of undressing all her babies!}

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she loves to tumble and roll around. Guess we need to get her started on some gymnastics

playing with paw-paw is always fun stuff

silly cousins playing

she got to go over to KK (her cousin) house and play and be silly.

KK has some new little puppies that Morgan just adored! (puppies names are Snickerdoodle and Saban-yes after AL’s coach)

getting a piggy back ride from KK


Morgan, KK, and Aunt Sara. Morgan is always one curious little girl!

she was a pro at unwrapping this year! No help at all.

checking out what KK got for Christmas

chad’s grandmothers reaction to her gift that we gave her (canvas of the 4 grandkids)

one of the many baby dolls she got

Lauren was pretty excited with her Hello Kitty hair dryer we gave her.

KK was pretty happy with her gift as well

setting up the babies

Aunt Cindy had to see if KK would fit in the box (it was all KK’s idea)

Morgan wanted her turn as well to try to fit in since it looked like so much fun.

one of my gifts was the SEC cookbook (that has fabulous recipes by the way). The men were checking it out to see if it passed the test (haha!)

giving a zerbert to Aunt Sara


you can’t go wrong with a little ring around the rosy

she had to try really drinking out of babies little sippy cup she got. It seemed to work perfectly!

good bye hugs to Maw-Maw

bye-bye Paw-Paw

Uncle Tony

KK was last

Morgan was a bit disappointed she didn’t get to ride daddy’s car (aka the 4 wheeler) since it was so cold, but other than that a good time.


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High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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