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A little update


Well its come to my attention that I have only had about 7 posts in about oh 3 months. Pretty pitiful since honestly I love to blog because it always reminds me everything going on with Morgan. Its been a crazy few months here at the Wallace household but I’m hoping that things will slow down just a bit. So I’m sure since absolutely no one reads this little ole blog anymore, no one probably even noticed that I hadn’t posted much right?! Haha! Really the blog is for Morgan or for reminders one day in the future so well see if I cant keep up just a little better this month. Ive also found that since I haven’t blogged, Im not nearly as great at taking photos either. No promises though of course.
Well since she is the star of the show Ill start with her. She is definitely having her moments with the terrible twos, but then on the other hand she can do so much it really shocks me each and every day. Shes like a little human being that can talk back and sass you and give you such an attitude. We are learning to deal with this attitude but its came a little too quickly. Let me not forget also the .1 seconds it takes her to get into ANYTHING! How did she learn that she can get a stool, box, or any device to climb on anything. She has scared us on a few occasions with her quickness. Then let me add in the part about crayons, markers, sharpies. Yep shes learned that she can color on anything including walls, doors, etc. Its been a fun, pulling my hair out few nights for sure but we all survived!

Potty training is going pretty well now and she has #1 down pat but #2 we are still working on. She just refuses to do #2 in her Minnie potty for whatever reason. She can make it the entire night without an accident but #2 I’m not sure if we will ever survive to get this one fixed but hopefully soon!

Well after a tough adjustment to a new school I feel like things are starting to get a little better. I’m still having to go through two additional certifications (which have been taking up a ton of time) but one will be finished at the end of this month, and then one will be finished up in November! Im so ready to be done with them! One of the certifications, Im having to drive two hours one way on a Saturday to get once a month (its just lovely 🙂 On top of the certifications, I had to learn two brand new classes as well. I survived through the first nine weeks (ended yesterday!) and looking forward to a better nine weeks.

On top of trying to survive through the start of a new school year, Ive had my fair share of sickness. Ive had a kidney stone (passed it!), flu like virus (I was convinced I had the flu), & stomach bug (got it from my little girl). Did I mention all of these were within a two week time period?!

Im happy to say that I get a 4 day weekend break from the students (Monday is holiday, Tuesday Professional Dev) so I’m really looking forward to my time off! Hopefully its just what I need to start off the next nine weeks on a great start and just chill.

He just turned the big 33 last month (Sept. 8 to be exact). He is finishing up his almost 4th month at his new job and loves it. He will be heading out soon to go to Wisconsin for his first work trip and my first time ever to be with Morgan more than 24 hours. It should be interesting, but I know we will make it. He survived through his first surgery and passed the stone (yes you still have to pass it with lithotripsy-just very small). It was a crazy week for sure.

So to say the least we are ready to have life just slow down and enjoy life again because the past two months have been crazy!


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

2 thoughts on “A little update

  1. Don’t worry about #2, it’ll come when she’s ready. It took C about 3-4 months after having the hang of peeing in the potty before she was comfortable with poop in there. In the meantime, she’d just wait for a diaper at nap or bedtime and do it there. And I’m impressed that you’re just now looking at your first time alone with Morgan that long. Brad took his first post-baby work trip (2 nights) when C was just a month old. He missed her one-month birthday, in fact. If I can survive that, you can survive this! Just let the housework go a bit and have grilled cheese for supper that night. Good luck! (P.S. C’s blog is pretty badly neglected these days, too. Just don’t have time, and that’s with me being a SAHM!)

  2. You HAVE had a crazy few months! Ironic that both you & your husband had kidney stones — what are the chances? Hope you are both feeling better because they are rotten. You will have to make a Girl’s Night or something fun like that when your hubby goes out of town ; )

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