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Destin {Part 1}

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We went to Destin back at the beginning of this month and had a great time despite the crazy double red flags up for two days. Morgan of course hated the beach and the big pool, but was ok in the kiddie pool.

We left out of town on June 5 {yes it has been almost a month!}. We knew we wanted to take Morgan on a trip to the beach, but it was a very last minute trip. Surprisingly, we got a great rate at the Hilton Sandestin Resort thanks to a great new website we found to book it! It was absolutely a fabulous place to stay and the view was really awesome too!

Tuesday June 5

You would have thought we packed up our house as much stuff as we brought. My motto is always “better to bring it all than forget something”.

We left after lunch and headed to Mobile (about 4 hrs) to make it a little easier on Morgan. Morgan did great {thank you Minnie Mouse DVD} and we should have just went the entire way! We had to stop by and get Chick-Fil-A for lunch though. We seem to frequent Chick-Fil-A a little too much {its just way too close to our house!}
We stopped at Steak-N-Shake once we got to Mobile and had a nice dinner. We definitely miss this place {good, cheap food!}

Morgan was being a crayon theif. They were right behind us.

Once we got to our hotel, Morgan found the stash of pacis I had. Yes I did put them in one of her little cups.

the stash

Almost ready for bed, but getting in some last minute playtime in her favorite pajamas-horsey.

Wednesday June 6
We left out early from Mobile, AL so that we could get to Destin to spend the entire day. We stopped at the Florida State Line to just take a little break. Morgan found her a new home in the tent.
We finally got to our hotel {Hilton Sandestin} and Morgan fell asleep. Mommy and daddy got to start the trip out with some nice relaxation out on the balcony! Morgan had a short nap that day and it didn’t last really that long, but it was nice while it lasted!

Our Room

Morgan loved the bunk beds and her own little TV

After her nap, we headed down to the water to see what she would do. She was terrified of it!

even with daddy she was scared…

After we finished with our trip to the beach, which was very shortlived, we headed to Chick-Fil-A {of course}. We wanted to make sure Morgan would actually eat. After we got finished eating lunch, we had to go outside and play.

After going to eat lunch, we decided to try on a new adventure of going to ride go-karts. Im really not sure who had more fun, daddy or Morgan. You have to be 36 inches to ride, shes 37 inches. She made the cut barely. We had to ride these two times!

Then, we had to go ride the carousel {a few times}. You sure cant tell by her reaction, but she loved it!

Then, we headed out to eat at Acme Oyster House at Baytown Wharf. Its such a neat little area for kids.

feeding the fishies

trying out this thing called a hula hoop.

cute frame at one of the gift shops

They had a little playground, which we could not turn down to let her play and play.

sliding down with daddy

We ended our night at Baytown Wharf with a trip to the big chair

She got to try out her first sip of Sunkist. We let her try it and she did not like it at all.

Toddler Heaven=iPhone + bunk bed!

That concludes the first two days. The rest of the trip will be up {before a month!}

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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