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I did a post a while back for a day in the life (Sept 29, 2010 to be exact) and thought it would be neat to remember everything we did on the last day of each age. Today is just the eve of Morgans 2nd birthday tomorrow. It means that I can no longer call her a 1 year old, but a full fledged two year old.

Even though I think she really acts more like a two year old, I still kept in the back on my head-shes still one! Well tomorrow that day will come to an end and it makes me a little sad, but happy to see what God has in store for this sweet, sassy, full fledged temper tantrum little girl. Without further ado, here is how our last day of being one went down!

8:30 am-Mommy wakes up freaking out that we have to be in church in one hour (and we live 20 minutes from church). Chad had already left early because he had setup that morning and had to be there at 8 am. I get up and take a quick shower and get myself together.

9:05 am-I finally had to wake Morgan up. She went to sleep the night before at 9:15 pm so 12 hrs and I think shes good to go. I dress her quickly and try to get everything together to head out.

9:20 am-I finally leave out (only 10 min late) and Morgan has a quick breakfast of a waffle and milk on way to church. I put my makeup on in the car so we can spare some time.

9:40 am-Bring Morgan to the nursery and she sees her friend Ely Reed  (she is 2 days older than Morgan) and is excited they get to play together again. They were the only ones in their class for that time. I head to church and then off to Sunday School with Chad.

11:45 am-We leave church and go have lunch with some friends of ours that has a little boy. We decide on the great spot of Newks for lunch. The kids keep playing peek a boo under the table. Morgan is getting pretty restless by the end so we have to call it short and head home.

1:00 pm-Morgan crashes on the way home. Chad goes to Sams on the way home (we had to take two different cars with him having to be there so early for setup) and picks up some things we need for her party tomorrow! I put Morgan down and then start to clean up a few odds and ends to make sure its ready to make cupcakes.

2:40 pm-Great grandma and Great aunt Sherri come over for a visit. We chit chat for a little while before Morgan wakes up. We began watching the SEC Tournament game (Go Dawgs-they won the SEC Tournament!)

2:45  pm -Morgan finally wakes up from her last nap as a one year old. I tell her that Maw-Maw (her name for my grandmother, her great grandmother) is here to see her. She is very excited to see her. She plays with Maw-Maw for a while.

3:00 pm-She found Maw-Maw’s keys and this is just pure fascination. She has so many keys on her ring + lights.

3:30 pm-my mom (grandma to Morgan) shows up and she is waiting at the door for her to come in. She gets lots of hugs and kisses and then continues to play with Maw-Maw.

3:40 pm-time to start on the cupcakes! I was brave this year and since Chad got me a KitchenAid Mixer for Mothers Day I decided that I need to put it to good use. I must admit that I was terrified to make them, but the use of Pinterest and the Internet is amazing.

4:15 pm-finally ready to put the cupcakes in the oven and scoop them out. Got those finished up and stick a batch in. After getting the first batch in we begin on the icing. Now I must admit that we did a trial run of them on Wednesday night for Morgans class and they turned out really good so I was a little less nervous after hearing so many rave reviews on them.

4:45 pm-Morgan decides that she wants a snack and not just any snack she wants to pick out her own in the form of cheese and lemonade (a true favorite). Yes she does have one shoe on and that shoe is way too small for her, but whos paying attention right?!

5:20 pm
-we start to frost cupcakes and Morgan has to help put on the sprinkles and the Minnie pearls. She is so excited that she got to use her sprinkles she has been waiting to put to good use. I must admit I was pretty excited that they didn’t taste horrible and looked decent. I cant say they look like Gigi’s but lots of love went into those cupcakes. The actual cupcake tastes like strawberry shortcake and the icing is a strawberry milkshake taste. They are pretty heavenly!

5:40 pm-finally get all the cupcakes cooked and frosted and put into the refrigerator.

5:45 pm-Morgan and I go play outside in her new pool that my grandmother (Maw-Maw) got for her. I promised her that I would not fill it up with water until Monday and I have kept that promise. She loves the thing! We put her balls from her tent into it to add a little excitement. She loves sliding down it and says “Mommy-ready, set, and then I have to say go”. Its so cute!

6:30 pm-Im not paying any attention to time and realize that its way past dinner time and we just need to go run and pick something up. Some little girl is getting mighty cranky. We decide on Dairy Queen since its quick, fast and very close to our house. She is whining and crying by the time we even get there. She eats a few little bites of chicken on the way home and then wants to drink her milk up. Morgan eats a little more of her chicken once we get home, a few blackberries (for the party tomorrow), and some cheese.

7:10 pm
-I decide to put up a load of clothes and put another in the dryer before bedtime. Morgan always loves to help do this, even with some help in putting on the wet clothes. We must clean the lint part before putting anything in. Shes pretty serious about it, and if I try to stick clothes in before she goes a bit crazy.

7:40 pm-Bath time! Our favorite part of the night and I’m convinced she would stay in there all night if I would only let her. She loves to come help start the bath and run her hands under the water.

7:55 pm-we brush our teeth in the bath so that we can actually get the job done. Its hard enough to brush a toddlers teeth and this seems to be the easiest way Ive found to brush them.

8:00 pm-We paint in the bath tub. She always asks for pink for one of her colors but its one of the few colors that I don’t have. Every night she asks and every night I tell her “no pink”. Im hoping one day she will figure it out or Ill find some pink paint!

8:10 pm-Finally we head out of the bathtub to get ready for bed. She wants to let me know that Elmo is on her diaper tonight. The diapers rotate out with different characters and she definitely knows who Elmo is. Tonight I let her pick out her pajamas and she wanted to wear her horsey pajamas.

8:30 pm-After putting on a diaper and getting clothes on we read our usual night time book of “The foot book by Dr. Seuss”. Her nickname for this book is tootsie book because this is what we call feet in our household. We usually read Mr Brown can Moo as well but we couldn’t find the book anywhere. I’m hoping we find it because poor baby  kept going around the house saying “Moo Mommy”. It was quite pitiful because we love both of these books each night.

8:40 pm-Try to lay her down and turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (our usual show every night to wind down). Well tonight is not looking so good on going to sleep. She is just not winding down tonight like most nights.

9:15 pm-She goes and tells her daddy she is ready to go on a ride. We really hate to use the ride but you know some nights if it does the job, then so be it.

9:25 pm-Head out on a car ride. Usually it takes about 5 minutes to get her to go to sleep, but again we are not having much luck tonight in going to sleep.

9:45 pm-Finally asleep!

9:50 pm-Home Sweet Home and sleeping soundly!

Its hard to believe that at 8:47 pm TOMORROW we will have a little two year old. She has stolen our hearts on so many levels and she is truly a huge blessing to us and our families. One little loved girl that I cant wait to see what the next year will hold. I’m just hoping that this time thing can slow down just a little because I’m not ready to have a two year old, but three sounds very far off.

Tomorrow is her birthday party with family only. I hope she has lots of fun!


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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