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Moments to make you think and laugh

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Lately, there have been a few moments that made me wonder (as a teacher), then there are also those moments that made me giggle. Morgan of course didn’t think one of them was very funny.

1. Last night we went out for our 9th anniversary (actual anniversary is Thursday-24th). We enjoyed our nice meal and then at the very end, the waiter asked us will this be together or separate. We haven’t been asked this in a very long time and it made us both laugh just a bit. We just looked at each other and Chad answered her with “well this is our 9th anniversary so together”. The poor girl I think felt pretty bad but she stated that she never knows anymore.

2. We have been going through the beginning of potty training. Morgan has a bad habit of taking off her diaper and she can now do it very quickly. Well I had went to do something and she decided that she needed to take it off. Well what I didn’t realize is that she took off her diaper and put her pants back on {yes with no diaper}. At first glance, you couldn’t tell.

Well all the sudden I hear her start screaming but I didn’t see anything that could be wrong with her. A few moments later, I figured it out. She tinkled on herself and I guess it must have scared her to feel the trickling go down her leg. I must admit I got a good little laugh out of it while my sweet girl cried her eyes out. I cant say it has stopped her from taking off her diaper though. She still does it, but just wants to put it back on.

3. Last night my parents kept Morgan while Chad and I enjoyed our anniversary dinner out, then we headed to graduation at the high school I teach at. My dad has been trying to get Morgan to say grandpa but she refuses. Well last night she gave him a new name-Paw Paw. She was going around last night and would say Paw Paw. It was so cute to hear her say it and to see my dad just smile from ear to ear. Of course she threw herself down on the floor, then started screaming for PawPaw to come run and get her. He had no issue it seemed like to do this!

4. Last but not least, as a teacher it always amazes me to hear what seniors future plans are after graduating. Well I had a senior that came in. I asked him-what are your future plans. He said to attend college and get a business degree. Being the teacher I am, I asked him what he was planning on doing with his degree. He kindly responds be a hus.tler. I didn’t realize you had to get a degree to do that. At first I thought he was joking, then I realized he was very serious and had obviously put a lot of thought into his decision because he gave me very specifics about it all. Sometimes as a teacher I wonder about this generation. I could write many books about the stories that I get told as a teacher-some good, some make you stop and wonder. This is just one of those many examples.



Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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