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Childrens Museum

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On Friday, I took the day off and we ventured over to this wonderful place called the Children’s Museum. We had never been before, but Ive been wanting to go for some time now. Last summer I thought she was still a little too young to go, but this year is perfect! We went with her school and I had to about pry her away to get her to leave. We had to put bows on her shirt because it was huge on her. It worked out ok because she will have this shirt for years to come but it swallowed her this year.

Her favorite past of the day was driving in the car. This was no surprise to me since every afternoon she loves to get in the car and pretend to drive. The car at the children’s museum had no doors on one side which meant the driving of the car was even better because no pestering mom to open the door! She could even start the car all on her own. That is something that she doesn’t not do and I haven’t ventured out from yet. One day, one day.

After finally escaping out of the car, we managed to go race cars (or more like she watched several other kids race)

Next up, we got to pump gas in the car. At first she wasn’t sure what in the world was going on with it, but she figured it out quickly. Of course pushing the buttons on the machine was probably the best part of it.

Then we got to play in the big kitchen. Oh the fun we could have with this if it was in our house every day.

Not far from the kitchen was a grocery party. They had different fruits and vegetables and then you scan each one and it tells you what it is and why its good for you. They also had a cart that you could drive (aka lets drive!)

Next, we headed on to the little area where you couldnt be older than about 7-8 years old to go up. Mommy tried and yep I was way too tall to go up there. I did at least sit up there in case she got stuck. She was so adorable climbing up the stairs and doing it all on her own {yes shes getting too big}.

Next part of the trip was the underground tunnel part. They had lots of different simulations and pushing buttons is always fun when it does something new.

Who doesnt love scrabble? Then make it supersize. You have a winner for all kids to play with. She saw some older kids throwing the squares around and she thought that was just hilarious.

We went outside towards the end and she loved the bubbles. They had big wands that you could twirl to get bubbles out.

You cant go to the childrens museum without playing chess, right?! She at least attempted a few moves and had fun with the different shapes.

Right before we left, we found a new little area and she jumps right up on the computer and wants to play with the computer. Yep guess we cant deny her-shes all ours!

After enjoying all the fun and excitement at the Childrens Museum we went over to the grounds and enjoyed a little picnic. It was the absolute most beautiful weather. I wish everyday could be just as beautiful and I would never want to go inside. At the end she wanted to take a picture to send to daddy. I of course would never tell my little girl no to a picture.

I cant wait to go back for our next trip to wear out our little ball of energy and see how much fun! There were a few areas that we did not go or never got pictures. Such a great place for kids and glad to say we are so close to it!


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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  1. I love going to the CHildren’s museum! We have one about 20 minutes from us and a few kinda far.

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