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Fitness Friday-Week 12-FRUSTRATION!

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the blessed life

This Week’s Loss/Gain: + .2 {yes very little weight gain but still…still…)
Total Weight Lost: -6.2 lbs
Weight to Go: –28.8 lbs

Food: Tracked everything in MyFitnessPal and had a really good week eating wise. I feel like I did a really good job at incorporating fruits and veggies and really watching what I ate. Of course what do I have to show for it-a freaking gain!

Fitness: got in my two runs for the week + walking. I know they are short runs but Im making progress-slowly but surely.

This Week Goals: get in 3 servings of vegetables and fruit (have done 2 the past two weeks), get in 48 oz of water (have been at 40 oz), get in at least 2 days of small runs (2-3 min). Until I can successfully complete these then I will keep them on there. I’m getting closer.

Small Victories:
1. run (as small as they were-2 min & 3 min)
2. 40 to 48 oz of water a day (almost every day, but still something I need improvement and work on)
3. get in 3 servings of vegetables and fruits (this is something that I did much better at this week and really focused on getting those in)
4. eating out is getting better but area I still need to improve in

Recap of the last few weeks (I’m convinced my body refuses to lose weight three weeks in a row-ugh-ugh!!)
Week 1
LOSS 2.2 lbs
Week 2
GAIN 1.8 lbs
Week 3
MAINTAIN to the ounce
Week 4
LOSS 2.7 lbs
Week 5
GAIN .3 lbs
Week 6
GAIN 1.7 lbs
Week 7
LOSS 3.1 lbs
Week 8
LOSS .6 lbs
Week 9
GAIN 2.2 lbs
Week 10
LOSS 1.6 lbs
Week 11 LOSS 2.2 lbs


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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