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Easter Recap-Friday and Saturday-Picture overload…

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On Friday, it was a Morgan and mommy kind of day that we got to enjoy the day together and just well have fun! I always enjoy those days to really have no real plans except enjoy time with my little girl.

We started the day out a little later since she didn’t go to sleep until a bit later (almost 1 am-yikes!) so we slept in until almost 10:30. She woke up and just wanted to watch cartoons and love on mommy. Those mornings don’t seem to happen often enough but when they do they just make the day that much more special!

she thinks its quite funny when mommy looks at her through the mirror.

We went and visited daddy for a little while and got some yogurt {of course}. Afterwards we went and found us a little horse to ride on and she just thought that was the funnest thing ever. She did not want to get off that little horse.
Afterwards we headed home to take a nap. Chad and I went to the Good Friday service at our church and we left Morgan with my parents. After church, we went to prom for the high school that I teach at. That meant that my sweet little girl had to spend her first night away from mommy. I know she is growing up but it made sleeping Friday night very tough knowing my little girl wasn’t there. Yes its a first and we survived but I missed her lots. My mom sent me this picture while we were at prom to let me know she did actually go to sleep.

sleeping away from mommy for the first time

It was one of those days I questioned lots of things and kept telling Chad I’m just a bad mom. Anyone else have one of those days or am I the only one?! I’m glad to know that my little girl still loves me even though I fail constantly.

Mom Fail 1-We were 30 minutes late to the Easter Egg Hunt for our church which meant we missed the entire Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks to staying out too late and not getting up early enough
Mom Fail 2-My dad took my car to get the oil changed and checked out {since my parents own an auto repair shop}, and I totally forgot to get out Morgans shoes. She went with socks on and totally ruined them. Good thing socks are cheap.

She did get to decorate an Easter cookie

All she really wanted to do was run as fast as her little body would take her. So after not making it to the Easter Egg Hunt I just let her run, run and run some more.
Then I tried to get her picture in front of the cute little scene and this is what I ended up getting. A little girl that didn’t want to sit still longer than .2 seconds.

After all that and feeling like a total failure for allowing my child to miss the Easter Egg Hunt we passed by Renaissance (a local mall) and saw the jump houses built up and thought we would stop there. We played around for a little while on those.
I let her play in the very front of one so I could see her, I turned around for I think maybe 1 second and she decided she wanted to go in the big part with the big kids.

While we were at Renaissance and had her bathing suit in her bag from grandmas (they were going to go swimming), I decided lets go to the water and have some fun.

Since we missed the first Easter Egg Hunt, we decided to head over to my parents to get in a Easter Egg Hunt for Morgan. She had so much fun and Im so glad we decided to head over to do it.

Then later that night we dyed Easter Eggs. I thought this year Morgan would really be into dying Easter eggs but instead she just squirmed and wanted to pitch a fit for the most part. The only part she really wanted to do was put the eggs into the color. Taking them out, coloring on the eggs, glitter, etc she wanted no part of it. Maybe next year will be better and she will enjoy doing it.

yes my mom spilt dye all over her shirt when one of the colors she knocked over. I really thought for a while we were not going to be able to get it out of our cabinets or wood floor!

Then we finished off the day with Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Think that’s enough for one day. Stay tuned tomorrow for Sunday and Monday.



Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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