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20 Months {4 days}

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Cant believe its already time for another month older and another update-the time is passing by quicker and quicker it seems like. Of course 20 months means that we are only 4 months away from a 2nd birthday and that’s still hard to fathom.

Weight: 27 lbs 2 oz (77th percentile)
Height: 34 1/8 in. (91st percentile)
Clothes: Pants (18 mth), Shirts (2T), Dresses (18 mth), Pajamas (24 mth-onesies, 18 mth-2 piece set). Pants we have a huge issue with because 18 mth fit her perfect in the waist but a little short, then 24mth are too big in the waist. Ahh the dilemmas of having a tall little girl!
Shoes: size 6
Diapers: just finished off the remaining 4 and moving on up to Size 5

Sleep: We have finally moved her into her room and out of our bed (its been a long battle for sure but hopefully we can get her sleeping through the night in her bed). She sleeps about 2-6 hrs in her bed right now. She normally goes to sleep around 8:30-9:30 pm and usually wakes up once during the night and goes right back to sleep. Then wakes up finally around 8 to 8:30 am.
Naps: one nap for 1.5 to 2 hrs (11:30-1:30 )
Teeth: 14 (6 top, 8 bottom)
Traveling: Beaverton, AL to see Chads family
Talking: She has a wonderful vocabulary but her favorite words to say this month is “hey daddy”. It comes out of her mouth constantly. Hey mommy and baby are close behind.
Sick: cold that I don’t think we will ever get rid of.

She loves to carry her baby everywhere with her no matter where she goes. Actually, both babies usually end up going but sometimes we can talk her into just bringing one.It doesn’t matter whether we are going to church, daycare, or just to the store. We must bring the babies and usually she has to have them to go to sleep.

Her new thing recently is giving lots of hugs and kisses without asking for them. Its so sweet! The other night she didn’t want to take a bath so she ran up to me and gave me a big kiss and hug so she could get out of her bath. She already knows how to win over the system. Of course she still had to take a bath but ever since she has been doing it.

Shoes are something she has begun to learn whose are who. Even if one of us is sleeping she will bring us our shoes and sometimes will throw a fit if we don’t put them on. Then there are other times where she likes to help pick out which shoes we need to wear for the day. Sometimes she picks correctly and other times she does not. She is definitely going to be a boot loving little girl. Mommy’s tall boots she loves to put on. Even if she is not tall enough to really wear them.

She is my little helper and loves to help do anything (clothes, picking up toys, doing dishes. I sure hope this little helper attitude stays around. She will get so mad if we don’t allow her to help out in whatever we maybe doing. Its really sweet but sometimes it gets a bit frustrating also.

Kicking is the new point of correction this month since she likes to kick us in the face (when we change her diaper), or try to kick us in the stomach or chest. I’m not sure where she learned this from but its definitely not going to last.Another thing that I’m not sure where she learned it from is pulling her pants off. She just started this about a week ago and as soon as she has her pants on she pulls them straight off.

Just like a normal toddler she loves to make an absolute mess anytime she can. We can leave her alone for a split second and she will have it totally destroyed. I still cant believe someone so small can make such a huge mess. We are working on trying to convert over the other bedroom to a playroom so that maybe this will help with all of the toys (she is one truly blessed little girl but the toys are crazy everywhere!)

Her temper can definitely come out if she gets in trouble or doesn’t get her way. It could be something as small as not getting the cup she wants or if she gets scolded at all for doing something she is not supposed to do. Sometimes shes over her fit in a few seconds and other time it takes a few minutes depending on how tired she is.

Electronics are a big favorite behind the babies of course. If either one of us leaves our phones out or the laptop she is on it instantly. She has learned how to delete apps, open apps, and then of course delete files that were on the desktop. She has even figured out things I didn’t know how to do! If she already knows how to excel with things like this already its going to be crazy to see what she can do later in life when she understands what she is doing.

Favorite Activity: pushing her babies in her stroller
Favorite Books: Sesame Street colors book.
Favorite Foods: She has gotten so much better at eating this month and I’m so thankful! Applesauce, bananas, lima beans, mandarin oranges, chicken nuggets, blueberry waffles, corn, grapes. Vegetables are her favorite and she really has began to think they are candy I think.
Foods disliked: squash
Favorite Songs: Mickey Mouse theme song (she loves to dance to the Hot Dog song)
Dislikes: getting water in her eyes, vacuum (anything that makes lots of noises she is terrified of), not getting her way

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

One thought on “20 Months {4 days}

  1. Wow- it’s hard to believe she’s 20 months! Time sure does fly when you’re a Momma, doesn’t it? I love that she loves to give hugs and kisses! I can’t wait for Emerson to do that.

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