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Techy Thursday-Top 5 Apps

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Its no secret if you have followed this blog for long or follow me over on Pinterest that we are a Mac family now (it took me a while to finally switch over but now I’m sold). In our list of organization we are trying to become as paperless as possible and with that comes looking into apps and websites that will help to accomplish this goal.

Right now we both have iPhones and with school I have a MacBook Pro. When Chad had his job as a software engineer we did have an Ipad but once we joined the world of owning our own business the iPad quickly went away. So now we are currently looking into getting an iPad again with all the new features that it offers and it would be just one more way to become paperless. We own a Kindle Fire but I must admit I miss the iPad it did so much more but of course the iPad is more expensive.

So why am I telling you all this? Well Im looking into apps that we can use on our iPhones and possibly down the road the iPad if we choose to buy one (of course we would wait until the iPad3 came out since there is going to be such a difference supposedly). So each Thursday I thought I would post about new apps and maybe even some new websites that I found and hopefully this will help anyone else who might also have an iPhone or have an iPad.

Without further ado-a few of my favorites…
1) instaplus-$1.99
For anyone who uses Instagram you know that instagram can only do so much with photos. This app has a way you can change things such as the brightness/contrast as well as saturation. It also has a few different ways to edit the photo. My favorite part is it automatically saves the original photo so just in case I hate how I edit it, I can just click on the original and get right back to where I started at.
2) MenuPlanner $2.99
I have tried out a few different apps for menu planners and have yet to honestly like one. Well I finally think I found one I can use. My favorite part is I can put in what I have in the pantry and it will automatically give me my shopping list. It does take a little time to set everything up (recipes, and pantry) but once you do it will save lots of time!
I love to use this app for twitter. Now I have two twitter accounts to keep up with (one for the business and one personally) this has came in handy big time. I can put both of them in and check them both very quickly. This app is definitely my favorite to do twitter (Ive tried a few others out).
4) Shazam-FREE
This is a great app for when you are sitting in the car and you wonder-who sang that song or maybe what is the title of the song. Then you can either go download the song or listen to it on youtube.
5)Drawing Free-FREE
This app has came in handy more times than I can count for Morgan she loves this app! She can change the pencil color, add some shapes on it. Its just one of those apps I wonder how it took me so long to find.

Anyone have any apps that they love? I would love to find some other ones so please share! I will try to share some different ones that I try out maybe once a week (if I find enough to try). Yes I do have an entire board on Pinterest just for all the apps.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

One thought on “Techy Thursday-Top 5 Apps

  1. i have a lot of these apps! i need to get back into using apps… it’s been a while!

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