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Thanksgiving 2011

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This year we spent Thanksgiving week in the state of Alabama. All of Chads family lives in a very small town in Alabama and we spent most of our time there but at the beginning of the week we traveled to Birmingham to try to do some Christmas shopping. We both were off for the entire week.

Well Birmingham ended up being a huge bust because Morgan came down with a terrible stomach bug. We all survived thank goodness but it was a little tough being away from home. By the first night we almost packed up and went home.

After that first night though we survived and spending some extra time with Chads family was lots of fun and Morgan finally got to feeling better thank goodness. We ate lots of turkey, dressing and well you know all the other good stuff. At Chads family they do a fried turkey and it was delicious to say the least.

Morgan really enjoyed playing with her cousins and I think her cousins enjoyed her too. All 4 of them were very worn out by the end. Lots of photos these are the best of them just off my camera. Ill have to share all the iPhone ones later. Photo Dump time!

all the cousins-Makayla, Collin, Morgan, and Lauren. Morgan did not want to take a picture she wanted to run and play so this was the best for her.

Morgan, Makayla, and Lauren

Lauren and Morgan (so proud)

Makayla and Morgan rocking away

Aunt Cindy (Makaylas mom) and Morgan

Morgan loved to hold the football

Morgan helped Cindy and Makayla cut coupons

Morgan helping Collin play Uno

Collin and Morgan shared lots of giggles under the table

only picture with mommy (ignore the no makeup look)

Paw-Paw brought Morgan out to see the dogs

they also got to see the chickens in their backyard

Lauren and Morgan played football

does she look mean or what?!

We had to have some finger painting time in with Makayla

I found two little monkeys eating their bananas

I will have to end this post with a big Go Dawgs! They beat their rival Ole Miss Saturday and are heading to a bowl game. We didn’t have a great year but enough to get into a bowl game. We are hoping it will be one that we can attend but well see.

Upcoming Posts this week:
Tomorrow-explanation of the Jesse Tree (had a few comments and emails and figured I would just do a post about it)
Wednesday-18 mth post (cant believe Morgan is 18 mths today-where has time flown to?!)
Thursday-big news with huge changes going on (no Im not pregnant…)
Friday-BBBW update


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High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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