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Bye-Bye Bottle

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This is a post Ive been meaning to write for well a while. We finally got off the bottle right at the beginning of 14 months when we were at the beach. I know that when we were transitioning off the bottle I had so many questions and was just lost in the battle of what to do and when to end her bottle drinking days. Hopefully this will help someone else out who has those same questions and help me to remember one day what all happened and well a trip through memory lane looking at pictures.

When Morgan was 11 months old we got the note from daycare stating that she had to be totally off the bottle by 12 months to move into her new room. This absolutely terrified me  and I was asking for all kinds of advice from moms. What I got in return from moms was saying “its really not as hard as you think it is.” As good as that sounded it still really didn’t help ease my mind much because I thought in my mind Morgan will be different and I was wrong. It really wasn’t that bad.

We first started moving Morgan to a sippy cup from formula to milk right at 11 months. Morgan seemed to love milk so much more than formula it was truly amazing. We tried to do half but she hated that (1/2 formula, 1/2 whole milk) so we jumped full in and switched to full milk. Easy switch by the time she was about a week before 12 months old.

After that we pretty much only gave Morgan a bottle at night for about 2 months. I spoke to our pediatrician about the switch and really wondered when does she really need to be weaned from the bottle. She told us don’t worry most kids will wean themselves and at the next appointment (15 months) she would discuss further to see her progress.

Well Morgan got to the point about 13 months that she began not really wanting much of the bottle. She would take a few sips, then chunk it to the ground because she didn’t want it. I started to slowly realize that she didnt want her bottle anymore. Then when I thought we were almost weaned she would take the whole bottle so I started to doubt “if she was ready to wean or not”. We honestly never even tried to give a sippy cup at night because well I wanted her to enjoy her bottle. Then, when I would realize she was almost ready to give it up it made me a little sad that my little bitty baby could be ready to wean herself.

When we were at the beach at the end of July, one of the first nights she went to sleep with no bottle. We had given her milk in her sippy cup a little bit before that and she drank almost the entire cup down. I’m happy to report that after that night she has been weaned from the bottle. She never even wanted the bottle after that point.

I kept the bottles out I think more for sentimental value and not quite ready to put them out of sight. About a month after she finished and weaned herself off the bottle I finally did put the bottles up and away. It just makes me realize that our little girl is no longer a baby anymore but a big girl.

how I always packed the bottles when we went out-room temp water and the formula pack

She now loves milk in her sippy cup and she is pretty vocal about her sippy cup choices. If we ever give her one she doesnt like she will let us know. A few cups that she will drink from:
NUK Learner Latex Spout BPA Free Cup (her favorite cup!)-we have the pink and red one
Playtex® Insulator® Spout Cup-2nd favorite now but for a while hated it
Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup

We tried the Dr. Brown’s Soft Spout Training Cup and Morgan was not much a fan of it. The big Nuby No Spill Gripper Soft Spout Sippy Cup  Morgan likes those some but I hate them because they spill so easily.

how I always packaged the bottles before going out-room temp water + formula packs

I nursed Morgan exclusively until she was 7 weeks, but we started giving her a bottle at 5 weeks because I knew I would be going back to work at 10 weeks. We first used the Medela bottles for breastmilk, and for formula we gave her the VentAire bottles. Morgan never had a bit of trouble with the bottles so I will definitely use them when we have another kid one day. I nursed her in the mornings and at night until she was 11 months. During the day while she was at daycare she had her formula-Similac. We learned our lesson the hard way about off brand formula.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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  1. I’ve never heard of having to be off the bottle before moving up at daycare, for Liam’s school he had to be potty trained to move up, which he has now 😉 Liam occasionally will ask for a sippy cup still (mostly when he doesn’t want to stay still to drink and wants to leave the room LOL) and when Tara first sent me a picture of Jack drinking out of the cup alone I sent her a text back saying “aunt jeanie’s not ready for this!” she said u, what about me LOL

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