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Life in iPhone pictures {Sept.5-11}

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1, 2. playing in her favorite thing her little pink car
3. playing outside with her sidewalk chalk. She seriously loves playing with it and has gotten better and actually getting some of it actually on the sidewalk instead of all over her clothes!
4. playing outside on her slash table. Shortly after this picture she soaked herself with the entire bucket of water which she loves to do.
5. looking through her photo books that mommy had made for her. Its a great way to get those precious memories. She loves looking through them and sometimes she will say “baby”.
6. eating a graham cracker coming home from school. Mommy always has to have a snack when leaving school because she sometimes is a little hungry since she eats lunch at 10:45. The first thing she does as soon as we get in the car is look beside her to see what I have for her that day.
7. making daddy his birthday chocolate pie. Such a great little helper. Cant wait for her to start getting to help out more in the kitchen.

1,2. I let her walk with me down the driveway to check the mail and she wanted to run back. She was so proud of her little self to walk all by herself without mommy. Of course it made mommy a little sad that she is getting so big.
3,4. We went out to eat at Outback for daddys birthday dinner. She was a handful and it was just one of many reasons we wont go out to eat at a sit down place anymore. She is ready to go play and jump down, not sit in a booth.
5. Morgan got a little fever virus so mommy stayed home with her. We watched her favorite show Little Einsteins of course.
6. Eating breakfast in bed since mommy was already exhausted from not getting any sleep the night before.
7. You can see just how weak she got by the afternoon, my poor little girl. She was just pitiful by this point and just wanted mommy to hold her and rock her because she didnt feel good at all.

1. Morgan was up since 4:30 on Saturday morning and refused to go back to sleep. Finally about 3 pm and both Chad and I being exhausted we decided it would be in our best interest to take a ride to see if by some chance she would go to sleep. Of course within seconds she was out.
2. I told Morgan that grandma was coming over when my mom told me she was leaving (they live about 10 minutes away from us). As soon as she heard that she ran to the door waiting on grandma to come.

1. Morgan was still pretty whiny from not eating anything in almost two days so we decided it would be a nice thing to stay home from church so she wasn’t a crab for someone else. Of course minutes after she decided to eat up and made a mess so it was off to the bath we went.
2. We went outside and she thought she was such a big girl getting to sit in the chair.
3. playing in the water table (before getting a bath)
4. We took a Sunday afternoon nap and Morgan was so exhausted.

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Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

One thought on “Life in iPhone pictures {Sept.5-11}

  1. I hope miss morgan is feeling better!!! 4:30 am is way too early…hope you guys got caught up on your sleep too!!! I LOVE all of the pictures…morgan looks SO happy playing with her water table and side walk chalk:)

    Hope you guys are having a good week!

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