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15 Months {4 days}


I know I say it each and every month but it just truly amazes me how fast a month can go! I think this month has gone faster than any other. This would probably be because I have gone back to work after having the summer off and spending every moment. I just want time to slow down just a bit because she is just so much fun.

Weight: 22 lbs 13 oz. ( 51st percentile)
Height: 31.25 inches (74th percentile)
Head: 47.5 cm (18.7 inches) (89th percentile)
Clothes: 12-18 mths in everything
Shoes: size 5 (she now loves to wear her shoes because she knows that she is going somewhere)
Diapers: size 4

Whats going on in Morgans World
Sleep: 10-11 hrs a night (8 pm to 6:30 am)
Naps: one nap for 2 hrs (11:30-1:30)
Teeth: 8 (4 top, 4 bottom) with 2 molars that we hope will break through any day now.
Traveling: Gulf Shores, AL
Talking: uh oh, no, that, quit, hey, mommy, mama, daddy, dadda, more, bubbl (bubbles), jump, body, da doo, a lot more words that I really cant quite understand.
Sick: 3 times (2 stomach bugs, now she has the cold-ugh!)

  • can run now and fast
  • thankfully tantrums are very little except if she is wanting to throw things at the ground
  • loves big kids and will usually stare them down and even smaller kids-seems mesmerized by kids
  • amused by trash cans or just about anything her height-she loves to try to get the trash out of the can and not so good
  • can eat with spoon or fork with a little bit of help but makes a huge mess!
  • is a little snuggler sometimes but usually is on the go
  • dumps anything out to make a mess and shes very good at it
  • loves to chunk things such as her paci and cup to see if we will pick them up
  • bath time is still fun as long as the hair doesn’t have to get washed
  • infatuated with water bottles-big or small! As soon as I get my water bottle out or just a regular bottle she starts pointing for it.
  • got bit by a classmate in school but no more since so hopefully it will stay that way!
  • loving being at school and always looks like she is having such a fun time when I go to pick her up
  • refuses to wear a bow! As soon as it is put in she rips it out. Maybe one day she will wear a cute bow.
  • she loves to help out with any task but her favorite is to help do laundry. She now understands what it means to turn on the dryer and how to even turn the button to start it. Loading the dishwasher is always interesting and we have tried to keep away the sharp knives at least.
  • if we ask her to do most simple tasks she will do it and actually understands what we are saying.

Favorite Activities: going to the bookstore, playing on her splash table, and playing puzzles
Favorite Book: little ladybug (book that has a little ladybug that pops out-she starts cracking up each time we get it out she loves that book!)
Favorite Cartoon: Little einsteins (its really the only cartoon she watches)
Favorite Foods: chicken minis, lima beans, carrots (help her gums a ton!), grapes, banana, hamburger, grits, cheese toast, blueberry waffle, pineapple, chicken fajitas
Foods Disliked: green beans, apples
Favorite Songs: no real favorites but anything that has a tune usually she will dance to it
Dislikes: getting hair washed, teeth brushed by mommy but loves to brush her own teeth, diaper changed

Happy 15 months sweet girl! I cant believe what a big girl you are becoming each and every day! You simply amaze me! Click here to see the pictures from this month.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

2 thoughts on “15 Months {4 days}

  1. I feel your pain on the teeth brushing. Braylen says “no” and then gets the tooth brush and does it herself.

  2. I LOVE the updates!!! Little miss morgan is clearly becoming her own little independent person….happy 15 months, sweet girl!!

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