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13 Months {2 days}

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Well an entire month has passed by and I think this month has passed by quicker than the last few. Morgan is getting to be so active and so much fun!

Weight: 21 lbs 4 oz
Height: 29.75 inches
Clothes: 12-18 mths in everything
Shoes: perfect size would be a 4.5. 4 is too small, 5 is too big.
Diapers: Size 4 (just moved up about 2 weeks ago)

Whats going on in Morgans world this month

  • Sleep: 8-10 hrs a night (usually goes down 8-10pm and sleeps anywhere from 6-8 am)
  • Naps: one in the morning (1-1.5 hrs), then another one in the afternoon (1-2 hrs.)
  • Teeth: 4 teeth in (2 bottom, 2 top) but you have 4 that are trying to break through that skin (2 bottom, 2 top)
  • Travel: twice (Destin & Atlanta)
  • Talking: mama, mommy, daddy, ba (ball),  baba (bottle), no, hey
  • Sick: twice-beginning of the month with cold that would not go away and end of month with bad virus. All clear now!
  • taking a few steps but still not fully walking on her own. She seems to be terrified of walking and letting go.
  • loves shaking her booty to about any tune
  • has gotten more into reading books this month. Last month she didnt want to sit long enough for us to read a few little words.
  • holds hand while walking by only your finger
  • tantrums have already started and she has gotten pretty good at it
  • claps (especially to Little Einsteins)
  • figured out how to scribble with crayons
  • gives hugs and wet sloppy kisses (those of course are the best kind!)
  • loves to turn pages in her books
  • making many messes a day for mommy to clean up
  • loves to explore things in the cabinets and take everything out
  • baby doll love has already started
  • climbs up on furniture and can turn herself back down to get off
  • she has figured out what thank you means and if she brings you something you must tell her thank you.
  • loves any type of ice cream
  • taking one bottle at night of whole milk. Officially 100% whole milk now.
  • throwing things on the floor (cup, food, etc) when you are finished
  • going through separation anxiety and hate mommy to leave you anywhere
  • bath time is still fun and you love to go look at your toys if you are not taking a bath
  • technology is all around her and she loves it-whether it be a phone, iPad, computer, etc. Guess it fits her since both Chad and I both are into technology with our jobs.
  • thinks its so cool to brush her teeth with mommy-it really turns into her biting her toothbrush!
Favorite Activities: riding in her car, watching other kids bigger and smaller than her, playing at the park, splash table, peeboo, ring a round the rosey
Favorite Books: Babys first sounds, Touch & Feel Fluffy Duckling
Favorite Cartoon: Little Einstein
Favorite Foods: canteloupe, hamburgers, crunchies, puffs, watermelon, blueberry waffles, corn dogs, yogurt
Favorite Songs:  Jewel Lullaby (puts her to sleep everynight), Intro to Little Einsteins
Dislikes: going to sleep when she doesnt think its time, cutting finger and toe nails, sleeping in her bed, shoes, grass
Happy 13 months! You are such a blessing to your mommy and daddy!

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

One thought on “13 Months {2 days}

  1. hey! she’s gettng so big! I agree, I love the toddler age it’s so much fun! have you tried clippig her nails when she’s sleeping? Chad & Liam have a deal, if Chad can cut Liam’s nails then Liam gets to cut daddy’s. Though I told Chad I wouldn’t go for that deal! Liam is the same way w/ toothbrushes, he gets upset if he can’t brush his and you are brushing yours! Liam didn’t walk alone till 15 mos when he finally got the courage to let go. hopefully Morgan will be walking soon! If the phone rings does she answer it? Liam loves to play w my phone and it scares me only bc I think he’ll call a foreign country lol, If Jack has my phone and it rings he answers it LOL, Liam will pass me the phone and knows my ringtone LOL

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