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What a Day!

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It has just been a crazy Saturday but I think that *crossing fingers* things are looking up.

This morning we took Chad to the airport (we finally found a vehicle before all this happened and he had already booked his flight) and said our goodbyes. We thought Morgan was doing better and that he would be fine to leave. Thank goodness he will be back tonight in a few hours.

Well by the time we were about 3 minutes from our house Morgan started screaming at the top of her little lungs. I thought that she just wanted to get out of her car seat.

Well about the time we got into the house she started puking her little guts up. By this time Chad already had his phone off and was about to take off. I get her changed up and thought maybe it was a fluke and she would be ok. Chad called about that time and stated he had landed in NC on his way to Atlanta.

Waited a little while to make sure her tummy was ok and gave her a little graham cracker and pedialyte. She took about 2 bites of graham cracker and about one sip of pedialyte and it all came back up. Bathtime it is. She seemed pretty playful and made me wonder even more what is going on with our sweet little girl.
I had a water cup out and thought that would be safe enough for her to drink. Nope mommy was wrong. She puked that up also. So if anyone is counting at this point that is 3 times within a 3 hr time period.

By that time my mom had came over I called the doctor and knew we would be heading off because she was starting to get dehyrdated. Doctor told us to come now and she needs an IV before she gets any more seriously dehydrated. Off we went to the doctors office. Also if anyone is counting thats three days in a row at the doctors office.
We got her hooked up to the IV which was very unpleasant. They gave her 200 CC’s of fluids (7oz). It took about 45 minutes and she was ready to get that thing off her arm when it was done. Here she is with grandma. She wanted to go back and forth from me to grandma. I think she was trying to figure out whos fault this was that she had this thing in her arm.
We also got her white blood count again and it came down 21,000! So its now a lot closer to a normal range at 17,000. What a HUGE praise!

After she got her fluids she perked up a little and actually was ready to eat a few bites but not too much. She is taking a good nap and hopefully this will make things better when she wakes up.

So I know some people have asked whats wrong with her? At this point we think it could be two different things but it also could all be tied together as well. Its very possible that she became so dehydrated that she started throwing up. Whatever it is Im just ready for our little girl to feel better! She has had lots of tests ran on her and they all have came back negative. At this point, its probably just one very nasty virus that she has it looks like.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

One thought on “What a Day!

  1. That must have been heart wrenching for you. I’m so sorry!

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