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Sick Baby…



Last night when we were getting Morgan ready for bed I noticed she felt just a little hot. Took her temp and it was 99.5. Not a big deal but gave her Tylenol just to make sure it didn’t go higher. Morgan woke up a little while later and just wanted to be held & soothed so daddy did just that.

Around midnight my mommy gut kicked in and said something wasn’t right. She had just woken up again. A few minutes after she woke up she puked all over mommy. It just broke my heart because you could tell she was in so much pain from throwing everything up.

We got her in the bath and got her cleaned up & poor thing was shivering she was so cold. I took her temp and it was up to 101.8 by then. We waited a little while until 1 to give enough time in-between Tylenol & motrin. Finally gave her some Tylenol & it went down a little so that we could go to sleep.

Morgan woke us up at 6 am with 102.5 fever & throwing up again. Only this time she didn’t have anything in her tummy. More motrin and waited till the doctors office opened at 8 am.

We got to drs office to try to be the first ones in & succeeded. Got in to see dr and she first did finger prick. It came back at 39,000 for her white blood count. Normal range is 5,000-10,000. Our dr came in & told me that it was the highest count she has seen in a long time so she wanted to run several tests.

Morgan got her blood drawn in arm & catheter for urine analysis. She got a tylenol suppository since she had thrown up so soon. Then if that wasn’t bad enough she got a rocephin shot to try to kill off any germs. Poor baby had mommy in tears.

Mommy held her while we waited for the results of the urine analysis came back and that came back negative. So we have ruled out it being a urinary tract infection, ears, and throat. They had a culture done and results will be back tomorrow.

When we first came in her fever was 100.5. When we were about to leave her fever shot up to 103.8. It was a difference of about 2.5 hrs. Fever of 103.8 had us both freaked out. We had to wait around to get the fever down.

Dr. Google can be a very scary thing for a first time mom on such a thing. More than likely its probably some type of major bacteria infection but until you know for certain its scary. The what if is a scary road for your child that feels terrible and just wants to be held.

We go back in the morning to get more tests run and if her count is still high she will get another rocephin shot and we will see where to go from there. Hopefully it will be good news and her white cell count will be a lot lower.
If anyone knows any information on elevated white blood cell count feel free to leave a comment or you can also email me.

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

2 thoughts on “Sick Baby…

  1. OH AMBER! I just read this! Carie mentioned it earlier but I’m just now getting to read it all. We will be praying for all of you! Please let us know what the Dr says! Love you!

  2. Oh bless ya’lls hearts! It’s aweful having a sick baby. I haven’t heard of the white blood cell count, other than it gets elevated to fight off bacteria. I pray that she gets well very soon!!!

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