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Destin, Florida-Beach Trip 1

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Well its been a while I know since Ive posted, it seems like lately having a sweet little girl around who entertains all your days is much more fun. It never leaves you a moment to do much except play and have fun!

On June 2 we took our first little family vacation to Destin, Florida which is a 5.5 hr trip from Mississippi. We returned back On June 6 so 5 days/4 nights. We had a wonderful time and of course the beach was a wonderful treat! We went with Morgans Godparents who helped out as well.

                                     view from our condo

Mommy and Morgan out on the balcony

Mommy & Morgan-trying to figure out what this big thing of water was. It was the first time she had ever been in a big pool

She wasnt a big fan of this but stayed in it for a few pictures

daddy what is this called the ocean

this sand isnt too bad

enjoying some little waves with daddy

enjoying some shade

daddy had to stick her in the sand and she wasnt a fan of it until she started playing in it a little. Daddy trying to build a little sand castle with her.

this look cracks me up-mom you think Im playing in that stuff...

yum mango gelato!

Before we left we tried to do the classic beach family pictures. Well we took the pictures the last day at 10 am. Not the brightest idea that Ive ever had but here is a few shots.
As we were leaving the beach Morgan decided she needed to snuggle with mommy
Overall, we had a great time but it was hard with a one year old. Of course I wouldnt trade her for anything:) Going to the beach was very tough because of all the stuff you have to carry out in order to make a one year old happy. We only ended up staying out for about an hour before it was time to go back up. She loved the pool though and splashed and kicked so cute!

We are going back to the beach at the end of July so hopefully with what we have learned we will have a better trip in a little over a month!

Things we definitely learned during the trip was to pack lots of snacks, water and some toys. Keeping her entertained is hard especially at night. We went to eat around 6ish and she was starting to melt down a little and just wanted to be put down and play not sit in a high chair at a restaurant. Lunch wasnt too bad though. Since we had a condo breakfast was wonderful because we bought a few things and ate in for breakfast on the condo overlooking the water (beautiful!)

For the actual trip I have learned a DVD player is an essential part of the trip if you want to have a good trip that keeps your kid entertained. We did not have one for this trip but will definitely be having one for next trip! She took a 3 hr nap going down to FL and coming home so it was nice for that part. The other part of the trip though she was ready to get out of the car seat. There is only so many toys she will stay entertained with while being strapped in.

Favorite place to eat in Destin now-Pompano Joes!
Worst place that I will never go back-Bubba Gumps The service was fine but food was not very good and very pricey.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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