Life with the Wallaces

12 Months


Well I figured I better post this before I forget everything. Its almost 2 weeks late but whos counting right?!

Weight: 21.06 lbs (51st %)
Height: 30.5 inches (88th %)

You are now on straight table food and dont care for your baby food. You have figured out that bread is so good and you take after your daddy in that department because daddy loves his bread too! You will eat all the bread first and if you have room you will then eat the meat and veggies or fruit. You still love your snacks though that consist of puffs (any flavor), yogurt melts, crunchies (garden tomato are your favorite), mum-mums, yogurt, and the new find of the month was baby goldfish.
You are officially now on 100% whole milk-no formula! I think we came to realize how much you hated your formula as quickly as you went off of it. Once you got that taste of good whole milk you didnt want the formula. You still are taking that night time bottle but with whole milk. Anytime mommy has a bottle on the counter you want it but still like your sippy cup.

You usually sleep through the night but only in mommy and daddys bed for most of the night. Your usual schedule for this month was to go to sleep about 8-8:30 pm, wake up about an hour later since we put you in your bed. Then you would sleep the rest of the night with mommy and daddy. You have turned into a little snuggler and mommy loves it but I know you need to sleep in your bed and its better for us all even as hard as that is.

Words of the month consist of mama, ma, dada, ba(ball), hey. You are saying a ton of words that we just cant make out what they are but hopefully soon enough we will figure out what all this babble is about.

You are in size 18 month clothes for everything except for shorts and pants. Size 3 diapers still fit you well but Im sure soon enough we will be moving on up to size 4 diapers. The only pair of shoes that we have gotten that will fit your super narrow foot is a size 4 and the only brand seem to be the pediped. You really hate shoes though so no shoes and socks it has been.

Balls seem to be your favorite toy in the world and we have lots of different sizes to make sure you are entertained. You have figured out how to throw the ball.

You get bored with books right now but hopefully it will get better and you will enjoy books again. You like to read a few pages and then are done with it.

You are the little dancer and anytime music of any sort comes on you start moving your little booty and its so cute!

everything seems to go right in the mouth!

loves to sleep, even if it is still in the bed with mommy and daddy. We are working on this one though.

love to be outside and would do about anything to be out there.

love your daddy and holding his hand

we have seen the doctor more because we just cant seem to get over this crud. Two months and counting. After three different antiobiodics mommy and daddy are convinced that its alergies

love to help mommy with about anything around the house especially clothes

mommy got to celebrate her first Mothers day and what a special day it was!

you are one happy girl unless of course those teeth seem to interfer and then its just not the same happy baby.

we moved you to formula in a sippy cup and then formula/milk and now you are officially off formula as of a week before your birthday!

Before mommy got off for the summer you thought it was too early to wake up so you just slept through getting changed in your clothes and diaper changes.

you love bath time and could splash in any water now for quite some time if only mommy and daddy let you!

your second trip to the Canton Flea Market. We didnt last long because it was just way too hot!

she loves to stand and has taken a few steps but is not really walking by herself just small steps here and there

she loves to smile and just be a super happy baby

loves to eat on her tray on the floor! She hates to be confined. She will eat a little, come back then eat again.

loves to drink her milk out of her sippy cup

loves looking out the window. If I dont have the blinds up she will peek to see out-yes she loves the outside!

playing ball with grandpa is pretty fun!

sitting at her chair staring out the window for some reason she just loves to do


first time climbing through the tunnel at the park. Parks are fun but with this 100 degree Mississippi heat and then top it off with humidity is not fun.

enjoyed her first popsicle-after this she got more used to it and enjoyed it and I think it also helped those swollen little gums too!

takes off only her left sock, the right sock can stay on all day

Tanner tried to give Morgan a sweet kiss on the cheek and she screamed

Sweet little girl its hard to believe that a whole year has gone by but it has been the best year! Everyone always told us how fast a year would go by, now I totally believe everyone that has told us this.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

2 thoughts on “12 Months

  1. I love how she screamed when Tanner kissed her 🙂 she’s getting so big!
    Jack loves popsicles too and knows how to get them at Gram & Papaw’s (cause they always have ’em stocked) Kids learn so fast.

  2. I love that picture of her sitting in the chair looking out the window.

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