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I just have to share my new finding and hope that maybe someone else can use to save some money as well. The other day at daycare one of the moms was telling the moms picking up the kids that she got a great deal from Amazon for diapers and its cheaper than buying even the store brands. I was very optimistic about it and thought surely I could not have missed something this easy on savings right? Yep I had missed it.

The deal-sign up for the Amazon automatic deal to receive diapers (you can have it come every month, 2 mths, etc) and you save 30%. To put this in perspective for us I got 198 size 3 Pampers diapers for $34.20 thats only .17 cents per diaper! They also have a size 2-3 diaper which I was not aware even existed. If for any reason you decide that you need diapers sooner or later you can just go in and change your preferences and its really that easy.

Wipes-I got the Pampers wipes 720 count for 13.43 which I was paying more than that at Sams for the same thing and thought we were saving money.

What it looks like if you do want to change how often or you can always delete your subscription as well.

FYI-formula is not cheaper this route, its still cheaper for us to get it at Sams.
Here is just my quick tips on saving money and hopefully someone else can save some money on diapers and/or wipes. Anyone else already doing it?

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

3 thoughts on “>Amazon Savings

  1. >You can also use $10 off or 20% off amazon codes found in Parents magazine. If you're lucky enough to have them at the same time, you can use both on the same order. Last monday I bought a $40 box of diapers and paid $8. It is a beautiful thing!Good luck!

  2. >Oh and there is also a $10 off amazon code in this months Baby Talk mag, free at Babies R Us.:-)

  3. >Thanks, Amber, for sharing these helpful posts! I will definitely check this out.Morgan sure is growing! She's a cutie-pie.

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