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>9 Months

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Its amazing to me that you spent 9 months in mommy’s tummy and now you have been out for 9 months. I still cant believe that you have been out of my tummy as much as you were in it.

This has been such a fun month and I feel like she has done so much and is becoming such a big girl it just amazes me each and every day. I stare and look at her and cant believe that my little bitty girl is getting so big its just such a hard thing

Weight: 17lbs 9 oz (31st percentile) 
Height: 29.5 inches (97th percentile)
Head: 17.72 inches (45 cm) (80th percentile) 

: 6-9 mth (pants), 9-12 mth (pajamas, shirts, onesies), 18 mth (carter dresses)

Diapers: Size 2 for most of the month but last week we switched her to size 3.
Feeding:breastfeeds in the morning, then sometimes in the afternoon for a snack, usually eats 3 bottles (first-7 oz, second-4 oz, third-7 oz)

Naps: 1 nap in the morning (1 hr), 1 nap in the afternoon (30 min to 1 hr)

Shoes: size 3
: sleeps 8-10 pm, then usually 10:15 pm to 6 am/7 am

Solids: has 2-3 jars of 4 oz baby food a day (fruit & vegggie in the am, veggie in the PM usually)
Favorites-pear pineapple, anything with sweet potatoes or apples
Words: Mommy, mama, daddy, dada, bye, wuv (for love). You started out saying daddy but now say mommy at least a few times a day. If you get upset and want your mommy you start calling for me and it just warms my heart.

Bath Time. It has not been nearly as fun this month for daddy to give you a bath because all you want to do is cry. I hope next month will get better and you will enjoy bath time again with daddy.
Bottle. You can now hold your bottle with ease and dont need mommy or daddy to hold it anymore.
Clapping. You love to clap and when mommy claps for you, you think its funny and you let out the biggest laugh.
Climbing. You love to climb on the couch and try to stand up by yourself.
Crawling. You started crawling around this month about mid month and are now a pro at it. If we put a computer out you have figured out how to crawl a lot faster.
Dancing. You think its funny to dance especially to the music.
Feet.You love to put your feet in your mouth no matter if you have socks or not.
Floor. Now you prefer playing on the floor and getting into as many things as you possibly can then jumping in your jumper.
Food. The last week you have decided that you want to try to a few things but not much. Its been fruit loops and saltine crackers. You have eaten a little of 3rd foods but you really don’t like them still. You still wont eat anything else mommy or daddy tries to feed you from the table. You also DONT wont to eat gerber puffs, yogurt melts, or the cheese puffs. We cant even seem to get you to put them in your mouth.
Hanging. You love to hang down on the bed, chairs, couch or well anything else. We call you our little monkey. 

Keys. They seem to be the hit of the day. It doesn’t matter what keys we give
you, you love them!
Outside. You enjoy being outside and just enjoying the fresh air
Pacifier. You only like your pacifier when you are going to sleep. Other than sleeping you really dont have to have it. We are hoping for an easy transition when we have to take it away.
Park.Mommy and daddy took you to the park for the first time this month and you were not sure what to think about it. We put your feet in the sand and you didnt really care for it but maybe we will play in it enough that you will become to enjoy it.
Rock. You love to rock on all 4 and think its quite funny. Mommy thought it maybe with all your jumping but who knows?!
Sickness. You had one cold this month and the stomach bug. I think you got the stomach bug from mommy because I had it the week before. You had to get your first prescription for amoxicillion because the cold just wouldn’t go away. Mommy and daddy are just glad that you still have not had an ear infection yet.
Standing.You love to stand up and hate to sit down. You have stood up by yourself many times and just look back at mommy or daddy and think your hot stuff. I don’t think its going to be long before you are walking away. You have already figured out how to put one foot in front of the other when mommy holds your hands and you walk around with mommy’s help.
Table. Morgan loves her little table especially when she can hit things and they light up
Teeth. You still have not gotten one tooth yet but there is a little piece of a tooth poking through.
Valentines. We got to celebrate your first Valentines Day. We didnt do much but you got a little teddy bear. 

Walks. You love walks around the block and will sit in your stroller and not utter a sound almost but you love to bounce and look down at the ground while mommy or daddy is pushing you.
Water Bottle. You love water bottles and Im not sure what your fascination is with them. You also love to drink out of them.
30. Mommy turned 30 this month

Happy 9 months baby girl! We cant wait to see what next month holds and we cant wait to enjoy all our moments with you during Spring Break this month!


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

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