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>6 Months



Wow half a year has gone by and I’m still in amazement of this beautiful little girl that I fall deeper and deeper in love with every day! Im only a few days late on her 6 mth post.
Weight: 15 lbs  (35th percentile)Height: 26.5 inches (80th percentile)
Head: 16.93 inches (69th percentile)
: 3-6 mths in most, can still wear a very select few 0-3 months, 6-9 months in pajamas.
: wears size 1-2 diapers (how Sams sells Pampers-has fit into these since 6 wks old)
: her sleep has been all over the place, she doesnt like to sleep through the night anymore. Usually sleeps in about 4-6 hr stretches, but has been as little as 2-3 a lot of nights lately. Im hoping that soon she will get back to her sleeping through the night. She sleeps for a grand total (with naps) for about 9-12 hrs a day.
: breastfeeds in the morning and at night, then formula 3X a day at daycare (5-7 oz)-her formula intake varies ever since she has gone to solids she just isnt as hungry.
Solids: Favorites-apples and pears. Likes-pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, squash. Dislikes-peas, bananas, cerealNaps: they seem to vary greatly but most times nothing over an hour even at daycare.

loves playing in her bouncer

  • went through Infant baptism
  • loves playing with her feet and trying to eat them too
  • watching Baby Einsteins is fun
  • you are becoming an expert on rolling over now

  • you rolled over in your crib the first night
  • loves to give kisses to mommy and daddy and will open her mouth and hold out her hands to give a hug-so cute!

  • love paper and will fight to get that paper
  • love to sit at the table on mommy’s lap and think you are such a big girl
  • even when you are crying all we have to do is pull out a book and you instantly stop
  • you love trying to grab for mommy’s phone-its so much fun you think:)
  • you love trying to grab for the remote 
  • you do not like to be put down and will cry until someone picks you up 
  • when you wake up from your naps at home you only want your mommy or daddy and no one else will do
  • tummy time isn’t as bad as it once was
  • sitting up is getting better and you have almost gotten it down but still need a little help
  • drool seems to be all over the place and you sure do wet your clothes with all the drool. I think teeth will be coming soon.
  • you love your baths and love to splash and kick in the water
  • you really only want your paci at night or naps
  • peek a boo is one of your favorite things to do and its so much fun to watch you laugh as hard as you do with it
  • looking in the mirror is so much fun and you stare at yourself wondering who that cute little baby is

celebrated her first Thanksgiving with a trip to Alabama

  • got to witness her first Black Friday trip to Birmingham, Alabama (we didnt go to the early bird shopping) for her 2nd night in a hotel room
  • makes some loud pitch noises that are so cute
  • love standing on your legs and putting weight and jumping-so much fun for you
  • can hold her own bottle pretty easily
  • mommy got a carrier so you can be in it when you get super fussy

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

4 thoughts on “>6 Months

  1. >Happy 6 months! I love her sweet smile. She seems like such a happy baby girl 🙂

  2. >Happy six months! I can't believe our babies are already this old….We have that same bouncer! Shane loves it too!

  3. >Good to hear about miss morgan! And Happy 6 months to her:D Love the pic of her on hur tummy. She really does seem like a very happy baby.Dassahs still hates being on her And she is probably 20lbs now, not kidding! haha She's a chunk:)We are now expecting our 2nd, through and unexpected miracle pregnancy! God is so Great!!!

  4. >6 months already??? She is absolutely adorable momma!! isn't being a mommy fantastic??? I sat and cried last night watching my girls eat. It is so overwhelming sometimes. Hugs to you all!Kami

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