Life with the Wallaces

>Two Months


>Time has seemed to escape and I dont have nearly the time I did at one time and it has all been taken up by this precious little girl that has won our hearts over šŸ™‚

Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz (37th percentile)
Height: 22 2/3 inches (63th percentile)

  • Your sleep schedule now is about 6-7 hrs long
  • You have officially moved up to size 1 diapers as of 6 wks old
  • you are starting to get on a schedule which is nice, its not down pat but its close
  • you have now hit two growing weeks which have lasted a few days (one was at 4 wks, the other at 6 wks)
  • you love to be held tightly when you are very sleepy
  • you eat every 2-3 hrs except for at night
  • you have learned to take a bottle of formula at 7 wks old because mommy just cant pump at work so you get some formula and then in the mornings and afternoon you get breastfed
  • we survived your 2 month shots  at 7.5 weeks and you did really well
  • you have started to get a little cradle cap but we are working on it to try to get it to go away
  • You had your first appointment with a plastic surgeon at 7.5 weeks for your nose and mommy and daddy never thought we would see that day.
  • you are still sleeping in your bassinet for now but are quickly outgrowing it and will be in your crib soon. It makes mommy just a bit sad
  • you took your first real trip which was only 3 hrs to your other grandparents house and you did so well.
  • you love to be held and rocked anytime we will do so.
  • you love to smile and it just melts your mommy and daddys heart, its adorable
  • you love to coo and try to talk to us all the time. 
  • you love for anyone to stick out their tongue and you like to mock them with sticking your tongue back out at them and of course afterwards you let out a good laugh always
  • you like your pacifier most times but not always. It does help you to fall asleep
  • you usually take a morning nap, mid afternoon nap, and then a afternoon nap
  • you are finally fitting into your 0-3 month clothes but I think you will be in them for a while
  • you are beginning to love napping in either your car seat or your swing (anything that is not flat)
  • Mommy has had to put you to sleep on many occassions by taking strolls, something about the vibration.
  • Mommy returns back to work on Monday (August 2) and Im not quite ready to leave you, it sure is going to be a tough day.

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

4 thoughts on “>Two Months

  1. >I can't believe how early you start back to work!

  2. >I'll never forget when I was told I had to come back to work early. I am so sorry honey. And what a cutie you have! It's amazing how big they get.Kami

  3. >This post choked me up! What a beautiful post and something you can share with her when she gets older!!I hope the first week back hasn't been too bad!!xoxoxo~Michelle

  4. >hi, hope it's ok to contact you here. we would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: giveaway scout ( have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, josh

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