Life with the Wallaces

>Happy Anniversary


>So yesterday we celebrated our 7th anniversary (has it really been that oh my how time flies!) and I still cant believe its been that long. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday and then somedays it does seem like 7. I couldnt imagine being married to a more perfect husband and in just a few days we will get to put a whole new title to our marriage-parents!

A few pictures..
May 24, 2003

2003-at one of our friends weddings
2003-trip to Atlanta right before Christmas

2004- MSU vs. Maine game

2005- MSU vs. Alabama game
ICE at Gaylord Opryland

2006-Titans game (when we lived in Nashville)



Memphis, TN (Dave Matthews Concert)

2009-St. Louis, Missouri

Washington, DC

2010-soon to come-Morgan Elizabeth!

Its interesting to see how much we have changed just over the past 7 years. We have had lots of fun together and cant wait to share in new memories to come!


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

5 thoughts on “>Happy Anniversary

  1. >What a great idea with the pictures. I might have to copy! Cant wait to see 2010's picture!

  2. >yay! happy anniversary!

  3. >Happy Anniversary! We were married the same day.

  4. >I'm in Chicago. We could have got together. Next time!

  5. >Happy (late) Anniversary. Coincidence…Derek and I started dating on that exact day 7 years ago. 🙂 Loved the pictures!

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