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>Disappointment=11th OB Appt.


>Well today we went in for my 11th OB appointment (37 weeks) and had nothing but disappointment in the fact of meeting Morgan anytime soon. What the heck is she waiting on?!

Cervix is still a little softened (not effaced yet), no dialation and still at a stage -3 for the station (if you dont know what station is here is a good illustration. Disappointment was a major understatement I thought maybe I would be a tad dialated or even effaced but no nothing.

After the appointment I must admit they had a few tears that came, just lovely hormones I guess got the best of me, why isnt she making any progress at all I just dont understand?? Yes I know she is nice and cozy but at least something, anything would be nice to let me know that we are going in the right direction.

Heartbeat was 139 bpm and for some good news the Group B strep test came back negative which means I wont have to have the antiobodies during delivery!

Maybe next week I will have some type of progress but I also wouldnt doubt if I had nothing new too. I guess Im starting to realize that maybe she will have to be forced out of there before she shows up.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

12 thoughts on “>Disappointment=11th OB Appt.

  1. >She will come when she is ready – Even progress doesn't mean that she is going to come anytime soon. I was always dialated early, but all my kids had to be forced out. With Drew (my first) I was 3 cm for 3.5 weeks before we finally forced him out.

  2. >She'll come on her own time. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's true. You *just* hit full term, and most first time pregnancies go longer than 40 weeks. And being dilated doesn't mean anything…you can go from 0-10 in one day. Just hang in there…I know how long the end seems, but trust me, she'll come soon. πŸ™‚

  3. >She'll come on her own time. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's true. You *just* hit full term, and most first time pregnancies go longer than 40 weeks. And being dilated doesn't mean anything…you can go from 0-10 in one day. Just hang in there…I know how long the end seems, but trust me, she'll come soon. πŸ™‚

  4. >Aw I'm sorry you're discouraged. Hang in there girl! We are almost done and whether they have to be forced out or come voluntarily, we will be seeing them soon! And thank you for your encouraging comments–they are greatly appreciated.

  5. >So much can change in one week. At my 36-week appointment (I was actually 36.5 weeks), no dilation or effacement or anything. One week later, I was 1.5 cm dilated and 75-80% effaced. Some women stay that way for weeks, but I sure didn't. I went into labor 3 days later with my water naturally breaking at MAYBE 3 cm dilation. Hang in there. Things can change so fast at this point!

  6. >Girl I know EXACTLY how you feel!! And it is totally okay to be disappointed b/c we have waited sooo long and are ready to meet our LOs!!! I am hoping she comes soon and you can hold your sweet little girl in your arms!!! Hang in there!!!! Love U!

  7. >you cant title a post diappointment when you are pregnant! I was worried ! Ok now that everything is ok LOLShe will come that a promise and a guarentee πŸ˜‰ enjoy these precious moments as husband and wife!

  8. >Oh don't be disappointed. I know you are feeling ready to deliver but even though 37 weeks is considered full term by todays standards the baby will benifit from stay inside for a couple more weeks. The lungs are still developing and breast feeding will be easier.No GBS is GREAT news!I know it is so hard to hear but soon you will miss being pregnant.Joy

  9. >Hey there, Sorry you are feeling disappointed.. I'm also sure your right about the *pregnancy hormones* making it worse;)Just had my Groub B test done yesterday.. Glad thats one more thing off the list to be done.. and hopefully it'll come back negative like yours.(a girl's gotta hope for the best)I'm already anxious myself for time to fly by, so we can meet our little girl too! Main thing that causes me to feel this way is- I Super Excited & *Super Uncomfortable* TOO.lolAlthough "SO FAR" I haven't had too Much worries about "When" we'll have our baby here myself.The Main Reason Is- Because of my husbands Job & Because we Live A good distance away from the hospital we're using. WE Plan to *Induce* 5 days before My due date. (As Long as Everything Looks Ok/ready with Baby & Me)I doubt I'll go into labor before most people in my family always go over their due dates unless they induce.. Not to mention the Big/Huge babies that run in myside of the family.. 9lbs & 10 YOU Never Know though one way or the other for sure how things will turn out. Every pregnancy is different it seems.SO unless our little girl comes before hand.. and I hope she doesn't(unless she's Fully developed) This baby will be born on June 9th instead of June 14th.And Yours will be here Before you know it as well:) Hopeing that you don't go too far over due.. "if" you do pass your due date. I wouldn't let that happen though if it were Not More than 2 or Everyone feels differently though about that.. SO to Each his/her Own;) I know It'll all work out in the end for you.. one way or another:)Have a wonderful day!!! Maybe one day I'll update my Blog.haha

  10. >It is so frustrating waiting and waiting! I was the same exact way with Trevor. You know, I scheduled his induction for the Monday after his due date and then I kinda relaxed because there was an end date…he arrived the day before his edd! I hope little Morgan makes her apperance soon!

  11. >I'm sorry you are disappointed, but no matter what she will be coming! I never understand when people get sad about it because you WILL be holding your baby soon enough. Enjoy the nights of full sleep and know that she is just happy and comfy for inside right now.

  12. >Morgan will come when she's ready Amber. That's how it works unfortunately. You've still got 3 weeks till 40 weeks so she's got time to come on her own accord. I can understand your disappointment though as you want to hear that there is progress, especially when you've waited so long to meet that little special someone.

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