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>Bump, Set, Spike


Well, Morgan did not cooperate this morning for the 4-D ultrasound. The technician tried and tried, but she had her face up against the placenta so we could not get a good picture. We get to wake up early again Thursday and try again.

We did learn something new about Morgan, though. She is measuring at the 94.9% percentile for height. She is going to be a tall girl. (Maybe a volleyball player?)

Of course my engineer-minded husband figured the calculations, if she stays in that range, she’ll be between 5-10 and 5-11 by the age of 20. One day I’m going to have to look up to my baby girl! It’s really not a huge surprise. Chad’s father was about 6-5 and his half-sister is around 5-10 as well.

The heartbeat was a healthy 159 bpm, and she weighs 3 pounds, 6 ounces. She’s measuring at 30 weeks, 1 day, about five days ahead of schedule.


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

7 thoughts on “>Bump, Set, Spike

  1. >Bummer that she didn't cooperate, but wonderful that she is doing well. 😀 Sounds like you have a tall girl on your hands. 😀

  2. >What a little stinker~ Glad she's doing well though! Make sure you post pics of the 4D as soon as you can!

  3. >LOL! Morgan isn't ready to show momma her pretty face yet!! Hope Thursday goes better! You might have a really tall baby girl on your hands!

  4. >Glad Morgan is doing well.Sounds like she just really might turn out to be pretty tall when she grows up! I guess you'll find out in time. Hope she shows her sweet pretty face tomorrow:) Can't wait to see your 4D pics!!!

  5. >So glad it went well!

  6. >Aw, I hope she cooperates on Thursday! What a let-down for you! Glad she is healthy though.

  7. >That stinks that she didn't cooperate. I hope she does on Thursday. She is going to be a big girl!!!Kami

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