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>Advice from moms and mom to be’s


>So I have my glucose test on Thursday and just wondering for those that have done the test what do you recommend for eating? I know no fruits or straight sugars but what about carbs, etc?

In totally unrelated would this really work or be worth the money for any breastfeeding moms


Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

9 thoughts on “>Advice from moms and mom to be’s

  1. >I ate scrambled eggs and plain toast the morning of. Also, I put the drink in the freezer for a little while before I drank it and that helped a lot. It was so cold it didn't taste quite as sweet.

  2. >My glucose test is tomorrow, but I scheduled it for first thing in the morning so I'm just not going to eat before I go. The nurse said I could eat, but not to eat anything with sugar. Pretty much everything has some amount of suger! Not helpful. I can't wait to see pictures of your nursery!

  3. >Hope the glucose test went well! Checked out the website for the milk saver – it looks interesting! It depends how much it costs as to whether I would actually buy it or not…But in the first month or so when you leak a TON while BF'ing, it could definitely come in handy!

  4. >eat eggs for breakfast. do not eat nutella on nilla wafers the evening before (oops, forgot i had the test the next morning!) ditto the comment about putting it in the fridge… pour it over a few ice cubes and then chug it. don't sip it – just chug it down. i wouldn't waste my money on that product. just wear a boob pad to get the few drops and then use a pump to fill the freezer – that thing looks like it'd be annoying to wear.

  5. >I ate eggs and bacon the morning of my test and did just fine! 🙂 Goodluck!

  6. >My dr. told me to eat what I normally eat! Which is two chocolate fudge poptarts and a glass of milk, I know not very healthy..HAHA! Then I drank that awful orange drink and headed to the doctor's office. I passed my gestational diabetes test, so I guess the poptarts didn't hurt.

  7. >Our tests are done differently here. We aren't allowed to eat at all before ours and they don't give us the drink until after they've done the first blood draw. Hope it goes well.

  8. >I ate normally for the test. We don't get to bring the drink home we have to go to the blood drawing place and have the drink and wait for 1 hour there. Good luckAs for the link… waste of money. I really liked this:'s great. I love the fact that I never leaked with them. NOW that being said if you are having let down (as in you nurse on one side and then switch to the other and letdown has begun already) it means that you might drip a bit more. But it's good.

  9. >Those things look absurd. Addison still dribbles when she eats so I have always and still do tuck a burpy cloth in my bra when I fold down the booby flap. It keeps my bra clean. It doesn't seem very sanitary to catch the milk leaking down anyway.

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