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Well I have taken the last few days to get all my friends and get them to tell me what is needed/whats not, etc. and its been a great help but then Ive had some that have said yes to some and no to the same thing so we will have to make our decision when we go to register. So I thought I would post the list for anyone else who maybe looking for what to register and what not to.

If you have anything else you see that should be added to the list please leave a comment and Ill be happy to add it to the list or if you see something that didnt work for you or did please leave your comments too Im trying to get as many people as possible so we will have lots of ideas:) If you have any recommendations on bottles I would love to hear them, I got a few recommendations but no 2 people said the same thing.

  • Swing 
    • one that swings side to side not just front to back 
    • Cradle Swing
  • pack n play-bassinet & changing table on top 
  • excersaucer or walker 
  • jumper
  • Nursing Pillow 
    • My Breast Friend 
  • Bumbo 
  • Baby Hawk 
  • Sling 
  • Moby wrap 
  • Boppy 
    • Boppy Baby Lounger 
  • waterproof mattress pads 
  • Ultimate Crib Sheets 
  • Wipe warmer 
  • Diaper pail-Target 
  • scented trash bags 
  • Travel System 
    • stroller that you can put the infant seat in 
  • snap n go stroller 
  • Baby Bjorn 
  • waterproof mattress pads 
  • Dr. Brown’s bottles 
  • Born Free bottles 
  • Avent bottles 
  • bottle warmer 
  • microwave bottle sterilizer 
  • Nursey Water 
  • gallons of distilled water 
  • formula separator-separate 2, 4 oz. 
  • Angel care monitor 
  • video monitor 
  • Diaper Bag
    • backpack diaper bag 
    • Good diaper bag-washable 
    • easy to carry
    • Extra diaper bag 
  • bouncy chair/seat 
    • vibrating with kick n play 
  • Mylicon gas drops
  • beaudrexs buttpaste 
  • desitin night time protection 
  • A & D 
  • diaper ointment 
  • Stock up your medicine cabinet 
  • receiving blankets 
    • Large receiving blankets 
  • swaddling blankets 
  • baby thermometer 
  • temporal thermometer 
  • pacifier 
  • removable pad from the baby swing 
  • baby 411 book – “consumer reports” guide for all things baby.” 
  • use the old cloth diapers as blankies 
  • white noise maker 
  • soothers 
  • gripe water
  • portable high chair 
  • activity gym that they can kick with 
  • playmat 
  • baby Mozart DVD 
  • Lots of sleepers, onesies, socks, comfy clothes, fewer expensive, fancy clothes. They grow SO fast. A few “nice outfits” are enough. Babies are incredibly messy! 

Breastfeed Must haves

  • Medela Freestyle/Pump In style breast pump
  • breastpump with extra pump parts  
  • hands free nursing bra  
  • stash of snacks next to your pump because it makes you HUNGRY and THIRSTY  
  • stacks and stacks of pads 

Never Use / Dont Recommend

  • Sling 
  • Bottle Warmer 
  • Sanitizer 
  • crib positioner 
  • Diaper Genie 
  • bassinet 
  • wipes warmer 
  • infant toys at the beginning 
  • Waist – full size highchairs 
  • diaperchamp 
  • activity mat 
  • rocking chair in nursery 
  • Bumbo 

Author: Amber Wallace

High School Digital Media teacher that is married to a Digital Media Communications at a local college. We have one little girl who was born May 28, 2010 and hope to add another one soon!

5 thoughts on “>Recommendations for baby

  1. >I've looked on your blog for a place to email you but can't find one. I have a question for you but don't want to post it publicly…could you email me when you have a chance.

  2. >Gosh….it can be so overwhelming to get your "must have" list together. So much conflicting information…and here I'll add to it. Swing–Coop wasn't a huge swing or bouncy seat fan. If you can borrow one from someone to see if your little one will like it then I would recommend that. Pack-n-play- Loved it. Used it as our bassinet for for a while which was great since I was breastfeeding. Exersaucer- Cooper loved this more than the walker. Once he was able to move his legs to push the walker he wanted out of it to cruise and walk around on his own. Boppy- Used it for breastfeeding, propping Coop, and now to prop myself when I'm laying on the floor playing with him. He still lays on it too. Moby Wrap- I didn't have one, but have heard SO many good things about it. Diaper warmer and bottle warmer- total waste in my opinion. Diaper pail- We use the Diaper champ with scented bags from the dollar store. I don't have a problem with it. I do change it fairly frequently to keep the smell down. I mean–there are dirty diapers in there—it's stinky. Formula travel cup— must have if you use formula. So convenient. Snack Trap— love this thing for later on when your little one is self-feeding snacks. Bottles- We used the Playtex drop-ins, but I bought the generic drop in liners. I didn't need a sanitizer. Coop never had an issue with gas. And there weren't all those little parts to clean and reassemble (Dr. Browns)–although I have some friends who swear by Dr. Browns. Crib Sheets- I would recommend at least one set of jersey knit ones. Such a less abrupt change in the cool months…from warm arms to cold sheets. Boudreax Butt Paste— Swear by it. Hylands Teething tablets– Swear by them. Receiving blankets…get ones that are large enough to use as blankets as well as to swaddle. Breat pump– Loved my Medela Pump In Style. High-chairs- Love the one that I have that attaches to our kitchen chair. Onesie-extenders…I found them online. They can give you three inches or so on onesies which extends their life. I now give these to everyone I know having a baby. Hmm….I can't think of anything else right now. I think this is probably really long anyhow. HOpe it helps.

  3. >I like the suggestion of borrowing stuff if you can to see what you will and will not use. Every baby is so different. We've had 4 little girls in our family now and 2 have loved the swing and 2 have hated it. So much of what you need will just depend on your child and what he/she likes.I forgot to add a sleep bra to the breastfeeding stuff I really liked. Before Addison I couldn't imagine sleeping in a bra, but now I can't sleep without it. It was great too early on when I was leaking everywhere and needed to where pads nightly. I have the ones from Motherhood maternity. I would get a couple of sleep bras and maybe 1 nursing bra before baby arrives. Wait to buy more nursing bras because your boobs will change about monthly. Addison is 8 months old and I just had to go buy another size for like the 4th time since she was born.Use your instincts when you look at stuff. If you really don't see a need for something, don't bother because you probably won't use it. Get the basics on your registry and everything else you can buy as you go. Stay on the Babies R Us coupon mailer!!!

  4. >We were blessed in that another couple gave us a lot of the basic stuff for free as they no longer needed it. We found a lot of the rest of it on Craigslist or on sale, or got it as gifts. Here are the essentials that have helped us:- Swing- Bouncy seat- Pack n play-bassinet (ours doesn't have a changing table, but I wish it did). We only use it when we travel as a bed for C.- Wheeled baby walkers actually aren't recommended anymore. That being said, we used one briefly with C only because someone handed it down to us. – Jumperoo- Boppy (I'd say either get Boppy or Brest Friend; no need for both)- Bumbo – Sling (find one online; I did not like the Sling Rider that most stores have. The Baby Bjorn is ok.)- Diaper Champ (we like that we can use our own bags, and if you dump the poop into the toilet once the baby is on solids, you can cut down on not only the stink but also the weight of the bag)- Travel system with extra base- Baby monitor (not a video one)- Diaper bag (I'd recommend something that doesn't look too babyish)- Swaddling/receiving blankets (SwaddleMes are the BOMB!)- Booster seat instead of high chair (for space-saving and travel reasons)- Breast pump (just had an Avent manual one, but I was only a casual pumper; definitely go electric if you have to do it multiple times daily)- Cloth nursing pads (much cheaper than disposable ones; just throw in washer)- Rocking chair in nursery (just took one that my in-laws had and put some more decorative covering on it)We have never used and do not miss:- Wipe warmer – Scented trash bags – Bottle warmer (just stick the bottle in a coffee cup full of warm water for about 10 minutes)- Microwave bottle sterilizer (usually just washing them is fine after you initially sterilizing them)- Nursery Water (but then again, we never did formula) – White noise maker (use a fan or a radio on a static-y station)- Gripe water- Baby Mozart DVD (check one out of the library first to see if your baby even likes it; C didn't get into videos until well after her 1st birthday, and even now, she's not much into Baby Einstein)- Bassinet (just put C in the crib from the get-go)

  5. >You have a REALLY good list! I think the only things I would say is that neither of us liked the Bjorn. Too many buckles to fuss with. Can't stick in the diaper bag and awkward to deal with when baby isn't in it (vs a wrap, sling, mei tai that can fold.) It was also really uncomfy within a few months so we ebayed ours when G was 4 months. I see you have a babyhawk on the list. Those are fabulous and work even for 2 years olds! Maybe get a reversible one that has a pattern you like on one side and one Chad likes on the other.

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